Random Thoughts Thursday.

Let’s get straight to the randomness on this sunny Thursday, shall we? The sun is shining BRIGHT down here in Texas and we are already soaring into the 90s with this heat!! I saw something the other day about us being in “pre-heat” stage because we all know Texas brings it with the triple digits! Yes, soon and very soon you will be able to bake a cookie on the sidewalk out here. Gotta love it.

I’ve been loving keeping it spicy with my workouts lately and then just doing races/trail runs when the mood hits. I actually tried Alpha Strength (Crossfit-eque style format) last week at Life Time with a coworker and seriously am in love. It’s great also because it gives me ideas for my cycle strength class that I teach on Wednesdays. And as a part time fitness instructor I’ve gotta say I love going to others classes. Always soaking up the knowledge.

Poolside SZN has begun down here! So yes, you know where to find me now basically every weekend after a workout. Baking in the sun with a drink with an umbrella in it, in hand.

Another thing happening all summer long…SUMMER CURLS baybee. It’s oh so Chelsea.

Who is already getting into summer salads? It’s going to be a major part of my summer meal prep…along with my runner’s pina colada. Oh, it’s a thing!! If you don’t know then now you know.

That’s all for this week! Working remotely tomorrow, so grabbing my laptop to crash by the pool. Catch you guys on the flipside.

Feel free to share some randomness with me today!

Happy Global Running Day & a Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy GLOBAL RUNNING DAY to you and yours! Hope you got your miles in for breakfast this morning like I did. And hey if not, well you still have time to chase that sunset.

Had to post that quick shout out/wayback Wednesday photo of me and Mr. Meb!! Awesome Olympian, and a true warrior that is for dang sure.

We are back with a brand new spin cycle playlist for summer! This one’s got some hot tracks as well as some throwbacks for your workout pleasure!! Summer schedule for spin classes is also now live on my fitness instructor page. Check out where I’ll be teaching next and follow me on Spotify if you have not already.

Let’s go for a summer ride!

Summer- Calvin Harris: Warm up
Day N Night- Afrojack: Standing run
Love Like This- Faith Evans: Rolling hills
Do It- Nelly Furtado: Tapbacks/Pushups
Guitarra- David Novacek: Sprints
Always Be My Sunshine- JayZ: Jumps
Runnin’- Doman and Gooding: Sprints
RITMO- Black Eyed Peas, J Balvin: Active recovery
Radio Stereo- Duck Sauce: Climb
Believe- Goodboys, Galantis, Acraze: Shoulder taps/Climb
Freeze- T-Pain, Chris Brown: Seated/standing run
Pass At Me- Pitbull, Timbaland: Rolling hills
Want You- NITTI: Accelerations
FutureSex/LoveSound- Justin Timberlake: Rolling hills
If There is Love- Laidback Luke: Climb
Big Boom- Reve: Climb
This Groove- Oliver Heldens: Accelerations
Rust- Tom Misch: Cool down

Feel free to share what workout/food/drink/summer banger you are loving this week!
Running always, hot yoga forever, and my new strength fix, early morning ALPHA class at Life Time.

Texas Trail Running Fest ~ Race Recap.

Happy JUNE…dear friends and fellow readers! Why don’t we kick off a new week and a new month with yet another race recap. Shall we?! It has been busy around these parts, with nonstop work at my full time job, and picking up extra shifts to help out my fellow instructor friends at the gym. So…I decided to skip town to run yet another trail race! And this time, it was in a new to me running area.

Beautiful hill country, right outside of Austin! Can we talk about views galore.

Just driving through there brought so much bliss to my heart and soul. It is funny because talking to fellow friends (not distance runners) it is hard for them to understand how someone can travel…alone…and get so much joy and solace out of it. Especially a female like myself, someone who has never been married and doesn’t have kids.

But for most trail and ultra runners…male or female…single or divorced or married. It is something WE NEED TO DO.

To get away from the rat race and constant hustle and bustle of high profile careers or raising families.

And heal our souls with the beauty of running along the path less traveled. It’s a way of life almost…or a feeling…that if you aren’t on that wavelength, cannot be described in words.

Just felt.

So get away to the trails…I did.

One of my favorite Texas trail race companies, Tejas Trails had a trail running festival down in Krause Springs! Some of you who have been reading a while may remember this company hosted my very first 100 mile race…a few years back. The festival took place in the park with food trucks, booths, live music…and an area where you could actually float the river!

Yep folks…it’s that time of year in Texas where folks bring their floaties, drinks and what have you, then just LAY OUT to bake in the Texas sun. So this event gave trail runners a chance to gather and do just that.

After the hard work part, of course.

They offered shorter distances such as the 5k/10k, and then also a half marathon and full! So I jumped in on the half and grabbed my swag. Another thing I thought was pretty cool was they offered an *OPEN start* window after the early start, as well as an evening run. I chose the open start, which gave me opportunity to get a lay of the land before the gun went off. So of course, I had to have a mini photoshoot and admire God’s artwork.

Then I was off onto the loop! The half distance covered that loop twice, and then some to hit our mileage for the day. It was also fun to see other runners along the loop and high five as we went along. I truly love traveling to different areas to do these trail runs because you not only get a lay of the land but you get to experience different types of runners in the region’s trail community. I really found a great vibe down in the Austin/Hill Country area! It was a lot of local runners and everyone was encouraging, laid back and sweet, even at the aid stations. Plus…the aid stations had plenty of good trail snacks, hydration…and wait for it…ice cold WATERMELON.

Tejas Trails, you are the real MVP for that one.

Loop one proved to be quite challenging, with tons of rocks and roots and faster runners flying by, as I took my time on the trail. One thing about trail running as I’ve mentioned before is it is the ultimate teacher of patience. Something that is not my strong suit ha. But I’m getting better. The more trail runs I do, the more I appreciate the relaxed pace. It is not for your everyday competitive road runner. It’s kind of a love it or hate it situation. But…you will find that in the long run, with ample training it will put strength and agility in your legs that is UNMATCHED.

Something that cannot be taught on your run of the mill track, or pavement run.

And that is what I love the most about it.

The end of the loop had technical parts with tons of rocks and opportunities to quit with it being in the straight up sun, but thankfully I had my tunes so I kept it pushing.

There was loads of talking to myself out there on the trail, and the occasional hallucination that I saw a snake (which ended up being a big root) but I just pushed all of that aside. Going into a very hot loop 2, I definitely had more of an appreciation for the rocks and roots. I had to really assess my feet and body in general on loop 2 as well as I think a bit of dehydration set in. Thankfully there was plenty of Tailwind and electrolytes to go around. I also love how well marked the trail was, I never once went off base. Getting lost is VERY EASY to do on the trail, navigating it solo.

Along the trail I also came across some wonderful souls and even a few who could not complete their run due to it getting so hot out there in the midday/afternoon. But hey…sometimes it just isn’t your day so best to listen to your body. However I would NOT let myself quit, and very glad I kept it trucking, despite the Texas heat. It takes time to master all of that…a little bit of ego checking and a ton of patience with yourself and with nature.

Nature…really is a big ego checker that’s for dang sure. It’s raw and it’s real and that is why I love it.

I finished the race and grabbed my sweet medal.

We already know my story of doing away with medals but they are starting to rack up…again.

Which means…gotta get back to doing ultras.

50k trail race is officially on the calendar for late fall (!)….so summer training in the ‘hood has begun.

Overall I had a lovely time running 13.1 in the hill country. Pro tip…have you some coffee and breakfast out there too. Bluebonnet Café in Marble Falls is where it’s at for PIE.

That’s all, folks! Thanks for continuing to read and support me in this blogging endeavor. It’s always a pleasure to connect with you guys from all over on your blogs and in the comments.

When’s the last time you did a HOT TRAIL RUN?! Are you loving the unofficial start to summer so far?

Joy Snacks…for Your Workout.

I got my morning started moving to the tune of this glorious sunrise! It’s that time of year down in Texas when the mornings are nice and cool, right before the summer heat wave hits us. Soon we are going to be in struggle mode with the summer heat and humidity. Part of me is low key excited about an early morning summer run! All the sweating and detoxing. Bring it on.

Lately I’ve been back to reading some of my favorite blogs and one of them brought up the topic of “joy snacks”. What is that, you ask? It’s the practice of infusing some joy/bliss/happy into your every day routine. And those of you who are runners and/or avid fitness peeps know that routine can get a little…DRAB. But do not fret! There are ways you can drop a daily dose of zest into your miles and or workout of the day. Let’s get right into what you should do.


-Change up the time of day you run and or workout. As a die hard early morning person there are times when I change up not only the time but the type of workout that I do. You can do this my swapping your lift/run days or do a spin class on a Friday morning when you typically loop the lake. Something just as simple as that is sure to put some pep in your step and guarantees that your routine doesn’t grow stale. SHOCK your body a bit and you just may be impressed with the results.

-Location, location, location! Since I have a free membership at the gym I teach at, I like to hit up different gyms on days when I am NOT working. You can do this by going to a new location, ClassPass or “dropping in” new studios. This for me is fun…I like to say that it guarantees that I am not working out where I work. Because really, who wants to do that? Let’s keep some things sacred and separate haha. It’s also cool to take other instructors classes, see how they teach and also how they engage with members! I’ve grabbed little nuggets of things that instructors say/do and have used them in my classes to keep folks on their toes.

-ADD SPEED….rinse and repeat. Incorporating speedy intervals into your Saturday long run is always fun. This is also good practice and will help you when it comes to race day. You can do the same thing on the spin bike or whatever other cardio workout that you do.

-Go on an impromptu RACE-cation! Lately I’ve just been finding some fun/shorter races to work on my conditioning and just running them for fun. Ultramarathoners, you do NOT have to run 100 milers because some rule book that does not exist tells you to do so. Humble yourself and RUN something shorter. It will give your body a chance to recover faster and ensure that you don’t get burned out. Then you can work your way back to the longer stuff. And then you will find that you enjoy it so much more, because you gave your body what it needed and scaled back! What a concept.

Runners/fitness instructors/gym rats…how do you infuse more “joy snacks” into your daily routine?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

That’s right we are bringing back the randomness that is Random Thoughts Thursday! We are so very close to the weekend that I can taste it. All I want in life right now is sunshine and the breeze! Definitely loving this weather and basking/running/working out in it whenever possible.

I’m definitely trying to enjoy it too before we hit those triple digits in Texas. Soon enough all of the marathoners in training will be getting up super early to beat the heat and run their sweaty early long runs. I mean let’s be honest there is nothing quite like sweating it out early with that summer humidity and torching calories. Just thinking about it actually gets me kind of excited to explore the town on foot.

I already have a trail race on my radar for late fall! I am all too excited to get back on that dirt path. Plus it will be a new (to me) trail race AND an ultra! We will go into details on it soon and very soon.

Confession, many times I’ve thought about just doing away with this blog o thing since more folks are moving to YouTube or elsewhere but writing in free form for me IS therapy. Plus it is just good to see some of the same fellow readers still here viewing and enjoying. Not commenting as much, but that is okay. I see you supporting me and I appreciate that so much.

Sending y’all good vibes too. I think I will be keeping up with blogging just a little while longer.

Work wise has just been crazy busy, so I have been de-stressing in the evenings with some hot yoga. Yoga, specifically of the harder & hotter variety, has really been life changing mentally and physically and for that I am thankful. Plus I am loving the changes going on with my body. This girl I used to do yoga with back in the day used to say “Yoga butts drive me nuts” (HA) and I would never understand what she meant, but can I just say…my peach is looking quite cute and PERKY. So yay…and NAMASTE to that.

Are any of my reality show fans watching Vanderpump Rules? I have been glued to the screen. It is like the drama trainwreck that you cannot stop watching! All I gotta say about it is…team Ariana. Fan for life. Go and be great girl and get your GROOVE BACK. I love me a good comeback story.

Also her grimey ex Sandoval. What is with him and the painted white nails?! I am a white nails fan, but you just cannot tell me that this man doesn’t go both ways. Sometimes you JUST KNOW. Not judging, just saying.

Hey, as a full time journalist I try to be mostly objective.

There is something so wonderful though also about restorative yoga. Especially as a part time cycle instructor I really value all of my amenities and RECOVERY things. Tonight though I want to sweat a little bit more, so I’m going to hit up some faster paced power yoga. Soon and very soon – your girl is going to be back to busting out the backbends and birds of paradise poses like no ones business.

Just a lil’ tbt tree yoga. 

Hope you guys have a great weekend! I may or may not be back on here tomorrow…but we have some sunshiney weather in store so I will be running, spin cycling and hitting up all of the outdoor festivals. Simply cannot wait.

Do you guys have anything fun planned for the weekend? Who is ready for summer marathon/ultra/trail training?

Early Morning Fitness Instructors Are Unicorns and a Weds Spin Playlist.

It has been a while since I’ve posted my spin cycle playlists, but we are still poppin’ over on Spotify! Also I’ve been teaching/subbing extra early classes lots and lots. If you are local to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area come check out one of my rise and ride classes anytime!

I have a bike just for YOU.

My current schedule is here (plus be on the lookout for when I sub/teach dance next! We always have a good time out on that dance floor with them party lights.)

BUT before we get to the playlists – I have a little fun tidbit for by fellow early morning instructors.

Yes, we are unicorns…rare finds in the sea of fitness trainers, but hey someone’s gotta do it, am I right? So let’s discuss a few reasons why being an early morning trainer and instructor is just so awesome.

You get the workout over and done with before you even freaking have time to THINK about it! Yes, there are days where my brain doesn’t actually start working until the class is over and then I am headed to real work. Endorphins make you happy though, so I’m honestly a big fan.

It actually really does regulate your work/life balance! I am actually a more productive human overall when I am able to wake up and get a sweat in before a busy work day. Most days, even when I am not teaching I still get up early for hot yoga and/or a run. But when I don’t I can definitely tell a difference in my overall MOOD. So I do think in general, morning people are just happier folks than your average! Nope, I’m not bias at all. Haha.

Traffic is a freaking breeze. There is nothing like the peacefulness of a quiet morning, and I love no traffic on the roads getting to my gym. Even when I meet friends at the local trail park real early, I am not fighting any other cars (sometimes wildlife, but that is another story).

That drive thru Starbucks coffee is pretty dang amazing before and/or after you sweat. It’s like the magical bean water at the end of the tunnel. Not gonna lie I have been frequenting my local java spot after teaching in Frisco. I’m kind of on a first name basis with the BARISTAS at this point no doubt.

Can you tell that I LOVE teaching/working out in the early mornings?
Let’s go for a ride!

Check out the full playlist, and follow me on Spotify here. 

Look- Leikeli47: Warm up
It’s Tricky- Oomloud: Standing run
Good Feeling- Duvall, Sam Gray: Tapbacks
Magdalena- Simon Fava: Sprints
On Fire- Lloyd Banks: Rolling hills
Tell it To My Heart- Meduza: Tapbacks/Pushups
I’m the Ish- DJ Class, Lil Jon: Accelerations
Feels Good- Tony Toni Tone: Active recovery
Let it Rock- Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne: Jumps
Spotlight- Gucci Mane, Usher: Jumps on a hill
Love On Top- Charlie Chan: Sprints
PSYCHO- BYNX, Jade Elliot: Seated/standing run
As Your Friend- Afrojack: Climb
Get Up- RetroVision: Sprints
Golden Hour- JVKE: Cool down

Fitness instructors/early morning runners/team early bird workout warriors – what are some things you love the most about working out early mornings?

Get That Fire Going Again – Galveston Half Marathon Recap.

Yes, months later and we are going backwards on recaps! But hey, better late than never!!

The Galveston Half was back in the month of February 2023. It was also my first race of the year, and my return to distance running after back to back 50ks in 2022.

I have actually run the full 26.2 distance at this race also, quite literally ages ago. So, it was fun to return back for that run on the beach after so many dang years. I signed up too on a bit of a whim after my aforementioned hiatus from training for back to back ultramarathons and just feeling burned out, overworked and overtrained.

Taking a step back…was absolutely what I needed to get that fire going again.

I knew that due to my super consistency over the last decade with distance running this was an attainable distance and one that I would enjoy. I flew out to the Houston area (a quick hour long flight from DFW) and ended up renting a car to make the trek to the beach. A pickup truck, which was not what I was expecting from the rental car place at the airport HA…but that Tacoma was perfect for trekking solo to the beach!!

Just before I made it down there…I did enjoy some family time with my dad. Crawfish, laughs and all the fun was had.

We went to Baytown Seafood, one of our favorite restaurants in Houston.

I was not quite sure what the turnout would be for the half, but it ended up being quite a large group of people! We all parked right on the sand and made it out to the start line. I’m not sure about you, but for me, running on the beach is probably one of the MOST peaceful things in the universe. So I knew this would be one that I would certainly enjoy.

The gun went off and we were off into the sunrise skies. I did track myself, and started off at a fairly conservative pace. I knew that the fog would be burning off and that HEAT was going to come all the way out! For those of you who aren’t too familiar with South Texas races…just know that the humidity off the gulf is almost always at 1 million percent. Even in the cooler months! Actually, this run that was in February was still quite warm…temps soared into close to the 80s that day, but cooler with the ocean breeze early.

The course also being on the beach was flat. Which made it great for beginners, seasoned runners returning (ME), or those gunning for a personal record. I did not put that kind of pressure on myself this time around since I hadn’t raced in so long, but it was amazing being back out there.

I remember when I ran the full marathon, cranking up Calvin Harris’s track “Feel So Close” on my headphones and almost shedding a bit of a tear, just thankful to be alive and out there doing the dang thing. I had that same feeling, during this half marathon.

It is funny how our brains can recall memories like that and be able to draw strength from those past experiences. I’m blessed that I’m able to draw from that joy and strength…whenever I need it.

I also just really enjoyed being out there again with my fellow running community. There were mostly runners from the H.Town area down there, but occasionally you would see those from different states. It was also the same course (loop) as the marathoners, so fun to see the more elite folks whizz by and say some words of affirmation and etc.

Fuel wise, they had lots of gels, electrolytes and water along the course so I did pass on through and grab the ice cold water or whatever they offered. I normally do not go for the fruit – but them BLOOD ORANGES were so dang good towards the end of the race and gave me the boost I needed to continue.

It was really so fun making my return to Galveston island to run this race though. I did mostly run and then do some run shuffling towards the end as it got warmer around mile 8, but never really got tired, just enjoyed my own company. Us only children tend to do that VERY easily.

I just loved the laid back-ness of my trip…with no one to check in, answer to or any real plans. Just me, my colorful sneaks and my jams, jamming along.

Once I finished, I chatted with a few runners at the finish area and took some shots on the water as I watched the waves come in. Loved this race and it was nice running the course just once instead of twice like before.

Galveston, you helped me be able to get the strength and vigor to make a real return to distance running.

There’s just something about that island that makes me smile and brings me so much joy.

I will be returning for some more miles and to jaunt on the beach. Soon and very soon.

And now I think we are all caught up on race recaps! If you missed the last two…you can catch up here and then here for the full marathon.

How was your weekend? Has anyone done a run/race out on the beach lately??

Ramble in the Brambles Trail Race Recap.

Well we are bringing sexy race recaps back to this here blog-o-thing!! Thanks to those of you who commented and sent good vibes on my last race recap post. With teaching lots of classes at the gym, and taking on more lead roles in my professional life, I had a bit longer of an off season than expected. But hey, that’s life…seasons change, we move on to different chapters, and that is all a part of being a human being.

It has been a beautiful thing though, staying in my lane….doing what I LOVE always, and making no apologies whatsoever about it. The thing about my life long love affair with distance running is that I truly do it for me and it is very personal. Even spiritual.

It’s a reason why some time ago I scrapped my entire wall of race medals. Something that not many understand to this day.

For me, running has really never been something that I do to hardcore compete with others, or size myself up with those in my community. But, it just so happens that throughout my journey I have come across wonderful souls from all walks (and runs) of life. Without even trying.

It’s kind of the gift that came along with it. The rainbow sprinkles on the cupcake.

And it has made me appreciate the beauty of community.

I can truly say today that without community at a time when I was a literal training MACHINE, I would not have come this far in where I’m at with my running.

From completing 100 milers on trails, to winning top female awards in 50 milers and 100ks, in each race I can name a person or group of runners that was essential in motivating me to finish strong.

And for that, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

So we are going a bit backwards here, but since I recently completed my birthday marathon…I ran some other races in 2023 leading up to me jumping back into the longer distances.

Enter Ramble in the Brambles. Let’s talk about it.

This one took place in March in the North Texas hill country. I had initially heard of this race through the grapevine, and after browsing UltraSignup I knew this was one I wanted to add to the trail and ultra (dirty) roster.

With my return to the dirt path, I decided to choose something shorter, just to give myself time to enjoy the trails without the worry of finish times and etc. I honestly went into this one not knowing anything about the trail itself other than it would be mostly singletrack and rocky. I knew with the rocky terrain I would be taking my time and (hopefully) not getting injured and just enjoying the sights and sounds around me.

The 9 mile loop began at 7:30 am and we were off into the sunrise. There were a lot of trail runners out there also from both the Texas and Oklahoma area since it was close to the state line. I actually also did not realize there would be so many climbs out there! Hey, Texas definitely is not as flat as one would think.

I started off at a pretty conservative pace, running what I could and then power hiking up the climbs to preserve my energy. In terms of training, I had not done a ton of running, and scrapped a training plan in lieu of giving myself a chance to jump back into the groove without pressure. Which is nice. I’ve always been patient with myself on trails and it has always been me versus me. With experience and also years of running on dirt trails vs roads it’s just a different type of mentality that I have grown to love. I really can say still to this day that there is truly nothing like the trail community.

I also ran data/Strava free, and that is something that really has brought me back to races. As a fitness instructor at an upscale gym, something ‘I LOVE’ can actually be very competitive (member numbers, and etc – almost like working in sales)…..so just not having the obligation to run myself into the ground has served me well.

I took at tumble around mile 4 of my race, tripping over a root. The only difference is usually the fall is a lot softer on dirt. I always also tell road runners who are scared to run trails…that most of the time, I fall harder on concrete. Pavement tripping and falling…versus trails? The dirt wins every time.

I was trying to be real careful but hey…we make plans, and God laughs. Hashtag no regrets.

I got back up after my one and only tumble, assessed the situation, and kept it pushing. I did have someone check on me which was nice, but besides a bloody scratched up knee I was good to go.

That’s the thing about trail running…and going into trail races with certain expectations. Sometimes you will indeed trip over a root, roll your ankle on a rock (ouch), or maybe even faceplant into a tree. Haha. That’s what makes it fun.

The grit and adventure of it all. All you need are good trail running shoes, and a willingness to get dirty.

I also did not super hydrate or prepare myself fuel wise for this race, just re-upped at the aid stations when I could. The sun ended up coming out a bit towards the end and there was a nice climb with steep elevation. That got my tired spin cycle legs for sure!! I looked up and we were kind of just at the finish…just like that! It was funny because since I am so used to running trail distances that are MUCH longer I was kind of like “oh…that’s it?” Mind you I had been out there a handful of hours, but it seemed to just whizz by for me mentally, in a flash.

I was happy that I had that feeling and know that the next time I will be mentally READY to take on more longer runs…and being out there longer. Muscle memory.

So I got out of it exactly what I wanted…to dip my toes back into the trails, burn tons of calories (yay), and enjoy a reward of vino and cheese on top of the hill with trail buds.

Straight up earned it, baby.

Til next time! (I have another delayed race recap to update you guys on and we are sooo going out of order lol). Qué será, será. Stay tuned.

And have a marvelous week!

Any other trail runners/racers out there? Fellow hybrid instructors/ultrarunners, have you ever taken a longer off season, to focus on overall health/fitness?

Keep Showing Up: Hachie Marathon Recap.

*Taps mic*…hello, is this thing on?!

You guys, I am still around!! And hey…I’ve been dabbling in some races. As a matter of fact, since we’ve last really spoken I’ve done not one, not two, but THREE of them! And I’ve lived to tell you the story. But first, we will be recapping one of my absolute faves. Running down in the country, Waxahachie TEXAS!!

This year since real training took a bit of a backseat (life, am I right???) and with two demanding jobs with little time for high mileage, I decided to run the classic marathon.

A birthday race of sorts! 26 miles for my day of birth, April 26th. The birthday weekend this past weekend was oh so fun, doing all of the things I love the most. Time with loved ones, good eats and drinks. And yep you guessed it, getting my miles in.

For those of you who have been reading a while, you know that I usually run the 50 miler for this race. So much so that I’ve even WON top female multiple years in a dang row.

50 mile finish buckles also = the icing on the racing cake.

So, it was a bit humbling to downgrade to 26.2, but well worth it. I knew I wanted to just go out there, play and have fun but I did not want to run out of TIME doing it. Haha. So the full marathon was just what the doctor ordered.

I arrived early and grabbed my race packet then ran into my awesome friend Tiffany, who was also rocking the marathon that day. Her brother who is a military dude and talented ultra runner decided to run the 30 miler. Yep, kind of an odd distance short of it being a 50k, but it gives a newer ultra runner the opportunity to rock that distance. This was a new distance also to the Hachie 50 race which is pretty cool.

The full marathon started promptly at 7 AM and we were off into the sunlight. Tiffany and I, who used to train for marathons together during the weekday mornings, started off together to catch up on life and such. We saw the most beautiful sunrise in the horizon during the very first mile.

During the first loop Tiffany was running strong, and since I knew I literally wanted to run this one for fun, I let her go. I knew since I had to do the three out and backs that I needed to save my stamina and energy for what was to come.

The first loop honestly seemed to go by in the blink of an eye. It was something about that first out and back that was so exhilarating. Just me, my jams, and my two feet going forward. It was peaceful mostly being out there alone, high fiving a few friends that I hadn’t seen in a while also along the way. I actually know the race director and his wife too so seeing them along the course was wonderful. The volunteers kept us fully stocked as well with trail snacks, pickle juice, crackers and cookies. I was not hungry at all during the first go ‘round but I did grab some electrolytes & cold water.

The 2nd go ‘round was a lot of the same, energy wise (and with the racing hiatus) I was feeling so good and just in the zone. I had a bit of a hot spot blister on my foot so I had to tend to that but once that was taken care of I was back out there.

During the 2nd go I made the wise decision to really just ENJOY being out there and to take in all of the sights and sounds around me. Everyone else seemed to be speed demons (especially with there also being a relay during the race) so I let them whizz by me as I continued to just enjoy without thinking about miles…or time.

It was during the 3rd loop, when a song came on that I play in my spin class called “ALIVE”. I really felt like for the first time in a long time with my running…that I felt that feeling again.

The gratitude of being present. Feeling feelings. Being alive. One foot in front of the other. Relentless forward motion. Nothing to worry about and no obligations that day. Just the beauty of nature surrounding me. Seeing runners high fiving one another. Hearing a volunteer tell me how strong I looked and to keep going.


When things don’t go your way…when all hope is lost…when the future looks doubtful…when friendships, things, life…doesn’t go as you exactly had it planned in your mind.

Keep showing up. For you.

Not for your running club, or your training plan or any other obligation that tugs at you and tells you that you must do things according to some fake blueprint.

Because showing up, again and again is a sign of your resilience. Of your strength. That you can overcome any obstacles that come your way.

I arrived to the finish line feeling good about the day. Tired feet, tired body, happy soul.

I was exactly where I wanted to be that day. And it felt damn good to SHOW UP.

Thank you, Hachie for a beautiful weekend and beautiful miles. This race will always and forever have a special place in my heart.

Official results can be found here.

How was your weekend? Have you ever run a race in the country?
What marathon holds a special place in your heart?
Hachie…and the Marine Corps Marathon. Also, San Diego.

What’s in My Gym Bag + Weds Spin Playlist.

I promise I have not abandoned this blog-o-thing haha. You fabulous readers are always and forever on my mind! But I got time today!! I have a spin cycle playlist to share with you today, as well as the return of the fitness instructor GYM BAG! As you all know a lot of my free time lately has been dedicated to my side hustle teaching spin cycle classes at the gym so let’s do a little update. I think probably the most important thing to being a successful early morning instructor is having the RIGHT ESSENTIALS in your bag. It is a thing you guys…so let’s get straight to the gym bag and those jams.

My all time favorite deodorant that I carry any and everywhere. I love the smell of this stuff so much low key I would wear it as a perfume. (Hey Dove, do you hear me?!) It’s just such a fresh and refreshing scent and lasts all day from teaching classes at 5:30 AM to producing and writing promos for TV at 9:30 AM. I’m all about things that smell good and are long lasting. All about that endurance, baby.

Warm and Cozy body mist and lotion from Victoria’s Secret. I am going to be a sad panda bear if they ever get rid of this. LOVE putting this stuff on after the steam room / showering at the gym. They have travel sizes too which I love because they are easy to stash in the bag. The lotion is super hydrating too since I feel like my skin gets so dry in the cooler months. Plus it’s actually a great scent for spring time as well.

The absolute best facial cleanser. Vitamin C and ginseng make this runnergirl/fitness instructor very happy.

Cosmetic bag with fun sayings on it. Having uplifting things to look at when you’re half asleep getting ready will wake you up.

Post workout slides. These don’t necessarily go in the bag but I love easy slides to put on after my feet have been through a high energy or tough workout.

Snacks/ponytail holders/hydration. Yes those all go in the same category haha. Love dried fruit/nuts/coconut water before during and post workout since I go straight to work after teaching and getting ready at the gym.

And without further ado let’s gets straight to the jams this week! Check out where I’m teaching spin class next here and email me for a free pass to my class if you’re not a member!!

Get Together- David Guetta: Warm up
I Was Made for Lovin’ You- Oliver Heldens, Nile Rodgers, House Gospel Choir: Tapbacks
Drop That Low (When I Dip)- Tujamo, Kid Ink: Sprints
Tip Toe- Jason Derulo, French Montana: Standing run
All She Wanna Do- John Legend, Saweetie: Accelerations
Hype- Dizzee Rascal: High Lows/Tapbacks
RATATA- Skrillex, Missy Elliot: Rolling hills
Shell Shocked- Juicy J, Kill the Noise: Jumps
On the Low- Wax Motif: Rolling hills
Bring it Back- Travis Porter: Sprints
Drop- Connor Price: Shoulder taps
Come Baby Come- K7: Climb
Believe- ACRAZE, Galantis, Goodboys: Tapbacks/Jumps on a hill
The Parade- Joel Corry: Sprints
Never Been Hurt- Krewella: Climb
I Love It- Icona Pop, Charli XCX: Sprints
Turnin’ Me Up- BJ the Chicago Kid: Cool down

Feel free to share what’s in your gym bag…or some of your fave workout jams!