Random Thoughts Thursday.

Career life has been busy along with the holiday hustle and bustle but I have not forgotten about you readers! I feel like today is a great day for some randomness, yes?! Let’s get straight down to the nitty gritty.

Running lately has been chill and a great stress release from the busy days working all day and into the night. PLUS the wonderful colors are all around. We tend to see the leaves change later on in the season down in Texas so I am enjoying the scenery of my morning runs.

Yoga has also been quite wonderful in the evenings…stretching out from being sore all the time teaching my cycle + sculpt classes. My arms and shoulders are always tight lately so yoga has been winning in the workout department. Love seeing the results though and the changes in my body.

I have TWO holiday parties this weekend (plus I will be working) so I’ll have to set aside extra time to inhale exhale. HOT yoga is tonight too so that will be blissful.

I am loving that I really have no race plans at the moment (marathons are boring to me right now, probably because I have done too many of them sorry not sorry) but I do have an ULTRA on the roster for 2023! So more to come and you will see ultra runner Chels make a comeback. But “off season Chelsea” is a happy Chelsea and I make no apologies for running just for fun.

Me versus me always and forever amen. HAHA. I’m such an only child.

Anyone watching any good shows? Tell me what I should be watching when I am not doing yoga.

My absolute favorite fall and winter scent right now. Victoria’s Secret Warm and Cozy. It’s the little things that make my soul happy.

Feel free to share some randomness with me today!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! We’ve got a hot spin cycle playlist for your eardrums today!! These high energy songs are also great for running or for any HIIT workout.

Also come check out a class at Life Time during the holiday season if you are local! I’ll also be teaching my usual classes ~ then subbing at the following locations below. Yes peep the Dance Jam class below. Bring your dancing shoes.

Let’s go for a ride!

TERN UP- DJ Class: Warm up
Bop Bop- Saucy Santana: Accelerations
Get Right- Jennifer Lopez: Rolling hills
Light Up My Life- Jack Wins, Joe Stone: Standing run
Bad- Pitbull, Michael Jackson: Tap backs
Turnin’ Me On- Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne: Climb
Headphones- Banx & Ranx: Pushups/Tapbacks
Move Ya Body- Nina Sky: Climb
Unlove You- Neyo: Jumps on a hill
Melanin- Kah-Lo: Sprints
Spiral- Lena Leon: Seated/standing run
Transition- LUSU: Climb
Turbulence- Laidback Luke: Sprints
Passion- Cherokee: Cool down

Feel free to share what you are jamming to this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

I’m back with a hot new playlist for your workout pleasure! It has been a busy season for me with teaching tons of classes at Life Time but I haven’t forgotten about this blog-o-thing!! I have a workout for my fellow spin cycle instructors as well.

Check out a class sometime if you are local! Send me a message and I can guarantee you a pass to class.

Plus, let’s be friends on Spotify! I am loving my top songs for 2022. Lots of great memories with each and every song.

Let’s go for a ride!

CTRL + ALT + DEL- Reve: Warm up
Cha Cha- Dram, DJ Sliink: Standing run
The Motto- Tiesto, Ava Max: Tapbacks
Low- Juicy J, Nicki Minaj: High Lows/Jumps
Super Cool- Floyd Wonder- Sprints
Levitating- Dua Lipa, DaBaby: Climb
Higher Love- Kygo, Whitney Houston: Rolling hills
Do It to It- Cherish, Sean Paul: Climb
Good Good Night- Roscoe Dash: Accelerations
Big Energy- Latto: Active recovery
I Cry- Flo Rida: Rolling hills
Fine China- Chris Brown: Jumps on a hill
Jungle- Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman: Sprints
South of the River- Tom Misch: Cool down

Feel free to share what workouts / workout music you are loving this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! Hope you are having an equal parts fun and productive week so far. Let us get straight to the jams now shall we?! Check out my busy holiday teaching schedule and let’s be friends on Spotify!

Let’s go for a ride. Ride it out and hit that beat!

Shakin’ It 4 Daddy- Robin Thicke: Warm up
Can You Feel It- The Jacksons: Standing run
Bulletproof- Dave Aude Remix: La Roux: Tapbacks
Rude Boy Giddy Up- Remix: Sprints
Dance Again- Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull: High Lows
Like That- Seamus D: Sprints
Fantasy- Mariah, ODB: Rolling hills
Lose My Breath- Destiny’s Child, Maurice Joshua: Jumps
Pump It Up- Endor: Climb
Coffee Shop- Accelerations
Unholy- ACRZE Remix: Tapbacks/Jumps
Calabria: Claptone: Rolling hills
Starships- Nicki Minaj: Tapbacks/Pushups
Bourbon- Gallant: Cool down

Feel free to share what workout songs you are grooving to this week!

Fitness Instructor Life Chronicles…What’s in My Bag.

Hope your week is starting off in a productive and happy fashion. It’s a back to back week for me of teaching classes at the gym, working my full time job, getting some running in and doing all of the things in the busy world of Chelsea. But since my life has been VERY instructor/gym focused as of late I figured we would do this cute little edition I would like to call the “Fitness Instructor Chronicles”.

Something a little different from your humdrum runner’s blog, HA. I often get a lot of questions from people who either want to be an instructor, or just are simply nosey folk. So…I figured…hey let’s talk about it! Day in the life. Mostly because (for me) it is a great passion of mine and oh so fun to talk about.

Today we are talking about WHAT’S IN MY BAG! Gym bag…that is. Lately I’ve been living out if this thing so we can dive right on in.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst. I love this face wash especially when my skin is feeling dehydrated and when I am on the go. It has really never let me down. I love the exfoliating bursts and it also had energizing ginseng in it / Vitamin C to wake you up in the morning. Perfect when I teach my 5:30 AM spin classes or refreshing myself after a run.

Headbands / hair ties. I like to have options when it comes to headbands to hold back the curls. Usually I get these from Walmart and/or Target! Simply because they are so dang cheap and they usually sell them in packs. Easy to just pull your hair back and go.

Spin cycle / running shoes. Fun fact I ALWAYS keep my cycle shoes in my car! Along with a little shoe deodorant to keep them smelling good. I am super guilty of leaving my cycle shoes AT the gym (usually in the instructor locker) but I have separation anxiety when it comes to those babies so I need ‘em within reach at all times My favorite cycle shoes are the Shimano brand.

Electrolyte packets. I recommend NUUN hydration (especially for my runners – they have ones with caffeine in them too). I have also enjoyed the LMNT brand. Watermelon salt for the absolute win.

Aloe butter. My new fave! From Plethora L.A. My skin gets real dry especially since I’ve been sweating so much teaching lately so this keeps my skin calm and hydrated.

Quick snacks. Dried fruit and nuts all day every day. Sometimes I’ll grab turkey jerky if I am needing some protein.

What are some of your gym bag / workout essentials?

Random Thoughts Thursday.

It has been a busy few weeks with work schedule adjustments and such but your girl is still around! Just getting things done and finding time for solo serenity when I can. I’m loving discovering/running new trails in the ‘hood as of late. And fall foliage views like this one. I’m in sheer fall lover heaven.

I’ve really been enjoying ClassPass and finding new boutique studios all over Dallas for workouts. Last week I privilege of doing a killer strength + HIIT workout with celeb trainer Luke Milton at the new Training Mate! We did lots of moves with the kettlebells, weighted bar and different machines like this rogue echo bike. These bikes kind of remind me of the 80s but like an upgraded version. I was literally sore after doing this circuit for days and days. LOVE.

Another current obsession…La La Kind Café. I know my Dallas bubble friends are well versed on this one but is new to ME so that makes my soul happy. Plus…everything is bright yellow inside and they have every non dairy milk latte known to man. I plan on trying everything in the menu.

Speaking of loving all things bright and happy…I came across a TBT of me and Big Bird from back in the day. Literally was one of my fav Sesame Street characters back in the day. Just me and my homie BB straight chillin’.

Anyone out there love crazy fun leggings with fun patterns like me? I need to find more leggings with skulls on them like these. Absolute fave. And yes I know Halloween is over but I still love ’em.

I was putting together another playlist for my class this weekend and thought about throwing a Kanye track on there then removed it. How are we feeling about Kanye on playlists these days? I know a lot of people are totally still canceling him everywhere. I freaking love his music still though (just his throwbacks) so I’m torn.

It is TIME to put up the Christmas tree (oh yes I am that girl who decorates well before Thanksgiving) but I am thinking I will get a new one. I just threw out the old one. This baby and I have been through years and years of fun but I’m needing a bigger one. My Christmas lovers please let me know if you see a big Christmas tree that is PINK somewhere. I am searching far and wide. Hot pink preferred please and thank you.

-I haven’t played Christmas music yet but I think I am going to start today. And maybe sign up for a cute Christmas race (!). Definitely getting into that holiday spirit.

Where my Christmas lovers at?! Have you started playing Christmas music yet? Put up your tree??! Feel free to share.

Weds Spin Playlist.

Happy hump day to ya! My teaching schedule for the holidays is filling up FAST!! Check my updated schedule and get in where you fit in for November if you are local.

And as always follow me on Spotify where I keep my cycle playlists updated on a weekly basis. I have a free pass with your name on it if you want to get some spin time in – before you gobble til you wobble.


I was able to get outside and get some miles in for breakfast. Seriously love when November rolls around because Texas starts showing off and showing out with the lovely fall colors.

Without further ado, let’s go for a ride!

Just a Lil Bit- Frey: Warm up
Campaign- Ty Dolla Sign, Future: Standing run
On The Floor- Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull: Tapbacks
How Long- Charlie Puth, Throttle: Accelerations
Run the World- Beyonce, Kaskade: Rolling hills
Back to Where We Started- Nicky Romero, Afrojack: Pushups/Tapbacks
Break Free- Ariana Grande: Rolling hills
Automatic- ZHU, Aluna George: Sprints
Never Let You Go- Jumps/Climb
Savage- Megan Thee Stallion, Major Lazer: Sprints
Day and Night- Majid Jordan

Feel free some of your workout jams lately!

Random Thoughts Thursday.

All of the fall leaves changing. Fun fact one of my favorite things to do on a run is find the most colorful tree on the block. In Texas the leaves change much slower than in other parts of the country. But I did find this one on my run this morning.

I was sitting here reminicising when I realized I hadn’t done a random thoughts post in a WHILE! That crazy Chelsea life I was telling you about….life has just been getting in the way lately. But I know I still have some faithful blog readers who enjoy my musings (knock knock…are you there?!) so I will keep on posting.

I have to say that it is without a doubt my favorite season…FALL BOOTS SZN is back, baby! I am rocking my boots today. I am also shopping around for deals so holla if you have the skinny on some fun boots.

It’s kind of a travesty that I am way too busy for watching television at the moment (mind you I WORK IN tv…THE IRONY) however I am happy some of my faves are back on screen. Such as RHOSLC. Any guilty pleasure housewives lovers out there? Only thing is this year I am sad the pastor’s wife MARY is not present. Really the program was so much better with her than without.

Really and truly, yoga has been calling my soul so much lately. I really also love the changes I see in my body as well as improvements on poses I’ve made. I may have to start calling this blog thedancingYOGI soon? Haha. More to come.

I had a race planned for the fall and it was a short trail race but decided to forgo it this year. Due to just not wanting to travel and shell out all that dough for such a short distance. I may be throwing a local 50k on the calendar though for the late/fall winter so keep you posted. I know my running friends are bored of me right now. Don’t worry I’ll give you something to talk about soon.

You know what I really and TRULY want to do this fall? Go to a ‘neo soul’ concert. Maxwell was amazing the last time we went. I may have to make a concert happen in life soon.

Feel free to share some random thoughts today! 

Weds Spin Playlist.

I am back with the latest and greatest in spin cycle playlists this week! Do not fret. Your girl is still around!! Just crazy BUSY with my crazy life but you know what? I just love it that way. My friends that know me well know that’s just the way I roll. Busy fun filled life hustling and making money moves = HAPPY CHELSEA. Doing my Chelsea thing.

Check out where I am teaching spin cycle next if you are local! Lots of opportunities to drop in to class and my holiday schedule is filling up quite nicely.

Also let’s be friends on Spotify!

Let’s go for a ride!

Bollywood Bounce- Keys N Krates: Warm up
If I Was You (OMG)- Far East Movement- Standing run
Drag Me Out- Kah Lo: Accelerations
Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)- Pitbull: Tapbacks
Feels- Jax Jones: Pushups
Lights- Ellie Goulding: Rolling hills
Me & U (Remix)- Cassie: Climb
I Like That- Houston, Chingy, Nate Dogg: High Lows
Head & Heart- Joel Corry: Rolling hills
Jiggle It- Young Leek: Sprints
Jai Ho- AR Rahman. Pussycat Dols: Pushups/Tapbacks
Sweat- Casely: Climb
Stir Fry- Migos: Sprints
Sugar- Moon Boots: Climb
Senorita- Justin Timberlake: Cool down

Feel free to share what you are grooving to this week!

Weds Spin Playlist.

We are back in business this fine Wednesday with a hot new spin cycle playlist! This is for my cycle/fitness instructors and also workout enthusiasts who love high energy music. Check me out on Spotify where I post playlists on a weekly basis!

Also check out my schedule to see where I’ll be teaching spin cycle class next in DFW!

Let’s go for a ride…

Pump It Louder- Tiesto, Black Eyed Peas: Warm up
The Way You Move- Outkast, Sleepy Brown: High Low/Tapbacks
BaDinga- DJ Sliink: Accelerations
Rock With You- Janet Jackson: Rolling hills
Ooooh- CID: Accelerations
Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See- Busta Rhymes: Jumps
Let Me Clear My Throat- DJ Kool: Climb
Peanut Butter Jelly- Galantis: Jumps on a hill
Unholy- Sam Smith, Kim Petras: Pushups
It Takes Two- Rob Base: Rolling hills
Love Tonight- Shouse: Sprints
We Make It Bounce- Dillon Francis: Tapbacks
Motivate- Jeremiah Asiamah: Sprints
Poison- Phil N Good, BBD: Climb
Tints- Anderson Paak, Kendrick Lamar: Cool down

Feel free to share what you are loving/moving and grooving to this week!