TGIFriday Faves.

The happiest of Fridays to you! I am getting my day started with some hot coffee and Erykah Badu on my Pandora Radio. Always nice to have coffee and some soothing music in the office on a rainy day.
coffee + music = love.
Last night I went to the Thursday Night Social Run at Luke’s Locker for a quick 5K run…my last little run before the Galveston Marathon this weekend. I ran at an easy and relaxed pace – no Garmin, just a little shakeout run. Much needed since I’ve been a little antsy about it raining on Sunday. My friend Gerardo, who is coming down to run the half marathon with me, works at a local news station in Houston so he’s been my little weather watcher…
Aside from that I have a few faves for ya since it’s Friday. So here’s what I’ve been digging as of late.
Pandora Radio – Calvin Harris station
So I have discovered my favorite high off of coffee and running radio station. I love the new Calvin Harris song ‘Feel So Close’, and the song ‘Barbara Streisand’ by Duck Sauce. Both songs are in the ipod shuffle to rock out to during my marathon on Sunday.
Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes
These little face towels rock my world, especially after a sweaty workout. They are all natural and hypoallergenic which is great for my sensitive skin. They also have a soothing cucumber scent which I love. I always keep the travel size in my purse for after a run or gym workout. I really need to get a family size pack, they are awesome!
Sparkly bic bands
Okay so I am definitely a fan of the sparkly bands that stay in your hair. I tried both the skinny and the wider bands that I ordered and I will definitely be ordering more! I wore the pink one during a run and the purple one while teaching dance on Wednesday night. I am seriously debating on ordering the entire collection. You can get yours here.

Target Champion compression shorts
These shorts are great especially for wearing under a running skirt or tutu. I have decided to switch these out and wear these this weekend instead of the long neon green tights. I figured it would probably get too sticky and humid, so the compression shorts should work just perfect. Really anything with the word “compression” in it is a winner in my book. Plus they are $14.99. Definitely can’t beat that! 

Secret Wonderland body spray and lotion – Bath and Body Works
This is my new skin candy for sure. I actually received this as Christmas gift but I plan on going back for more very soon. The scent is fresh and floral, with hints of amber and jasmine. It is soft and feminine without being overpowering. I spray this on any time during the day for an instant pick me up.

That’s all for today! Off to run a marathon this weekend! Have a good one!
What are some of your favorites lately?

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