Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

Happy hump day to you! My day is getting off to a great start despite the gloomy weather outside. This morning’s 5 miler was super windy with little drizzles of rain but I managed to get out the door and hit the ground running. I ran with no music, just enjoying the sounds of nature. It’s something I do from time to time just to get in the practice of not having to always have music as my crutch. I enjoyed the wind chimes on the patio of my neighbors apartment, and watched the kiddos hop on the bus on the way to school. The flowers are certainly starting to bloom!
I am excited about finally having some spring-like weather. I was so excited that I busted out the Nike shorts.
In other news, I got some more Bic bands in the mail on Monday. They were running a sale not long ago, buy 3 bands get a “goof” for free. So I now have a collection of these no slip headbands. If you want a running hair accessory that will not slide off of your head and still look cute and stylish at the same time, Bic bands is it. I really don’t have a place yet to store them so I am using the towel rack in my bathroom. It works for the time being.
I also got my Runner’s World mag in the mail. Exciting. One of my favorite things to do after work is lay on the couch and read Runner’s World. I’m such a nerd.
One of the articles in RW was about how to enjoy running in the rain. I thought this brought up a good point because I think it’s tough sometimes to mentally get past what it looks like outside and just go for a run despite the conditions. I think running the Galveston Monsoon Marathon not long ago really helped strengthen me mentally when it comes to pushing through in some rough weather. It was a challenge but one that I will surely never forget. When you have a run like that it will be one you will be able to draw from in the future when you have another sucky run. Because, let’s just be honest, you just can’t control those type of conditions. Julie from PB Fingers recently wrote a blog post that I definitely could relate to, and can be applied to running or just everyday life. Control what you can control, one of those things being how you react to certain situations that may not always be in your favor.
So here are some things that have helped me endure windy rainy runs:
Make sure you wear attire that will repel the water – I like to wear windbreakers because they are not as baggy as parkas, but whatever works for you, as long as it helps you stay dry. Also invest in a hat or visor to keep the water out of your eyes. Also make sure you wear some breathable shoes and socks. I love the anti-blister/moisture wicking socks that are on the market.
Body glide/vaseline also helps. Chafing is not fun.
Expect for your pace to slow down just a bit. Make sure you are watching the slick roads and your surroundings. I’ve run in freezing/pouring rainy conditions and my pace slowed by over a minute. It’s just not worth it to go out there with guns blazing and risk slipping and falling or getting injured. Take it easy.
Relax and enjoy. Running in the rain can be a liberating feeling! Focus on your breathing and your cadence.
Take this on as a mental challenge! You vs you. Prove to yourself that you are strong and can endure even the toughest of conditions. Who gets bragging rights after toughing it out in the rain? Yep, that would be you.
AFTER THE RUN – Get fresh and clean and put some dry, warm clothes on. That is one of the first things I did after my rainy Galveston run. It felt so amazing to get in some warm clean clothes after running in 40 degree, 40 mph winds.
Be willing to take risks and get out of your sunny day, perfect weather comfort zone.
Wind, rain, or sunshine…I hope you enjoy your day! I am signing up for the Marine Corps Marathon that opens today at 2PM CST…pray that I get in!! 🙂 
What are some tips or advice you have for running in rain, wind, or tough conditions? 

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

6 thoughts on “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

  1. Glad you had a good run. I’m planning on yoga tonight. It has been too long since I hit the mat. 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll get into MCM. I’m not planning on that one this year, but I am planning an early marathon. It will be fun to train with everyone again!

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