Rock N Roll Half Marathon Race Recap.

I am back from a whirlwind of a weekend! Coffee in hand ready to take on the work day. So…yesterday I ran the Dallas Rock N Roll Half Marathon with my Luke’s Locker teammates! You want details, yes? Well then let me back it on up.
Saturday was the Health and Fitness expo at the Dallas Convention Center! Eric joined me to pick up my packet and racing swag. We got there super early to try and avoid the crowds but it was still pretty packed in there. I got my race number, t-shirt and goodies. We went around to the different booths and I managed to get some cool photos. Eric really enjoyed the booth where they passed out barbecued pork. I tried some too, it was pretty darn tasty!
After running around at the expo we left and got some rest. I went and had my traditional carb loading dinner with my friends Zack and Ann at Brio’s Tuscan Grille in Allen. Great place! I had the steak salad and some of their toasty bread on the side. I don’t know what it is with me and steak lately, especially on top of a salad it’s really good.
Race morning I met up with some buddies and we did a carpool to Fair Park. The race finished and started at a different location which was a little hectic and meant you had to arrive super early to catch the shuttles to the start line. We arrived around 5:45 AM and got to the race around 6 AM. The race didn’t start til 8 so that left us plenty of time to use the bathroom, check our bags in the gear check…oh and of course…have a photoshoot.
(from left) Sarah, Heidi, me & Jeanette
Ann, Robyn & me
Ann & me
We started lining up in our corrals around 7:45. I got in corral 2 with my buds Lori, Ann, and Shirley. We took off and I turned my music on to rock out. I decided that I was going to just run this race solo and see what I was capable of. I knew the temps were going to soar to close to the 80s that morning so my plan was just to do my best until it got warm and then see what happens.
Miles 1 through 4 were fairly hilly, going through the downtown Dallas area and into the Uptown/Highland Park area which is my favorite part of Dallas to run in. By mile 5, the temperatures started climbing. I could feel the sun on my back and it was HOT. I decided not to bring my water bottle and decided to stop at water stops for quick sips of water. Now that I look back at this I wish I would have toted a bottle along since the water stops were few and far between. By mile 7, I slowed my pace a bit with the heat. My legs were TIRED and I saw the relay people’s exchange point. In my mind I was thinking…’it would be so easy just to stop here, right? Like who really cares if you do?’ but the fighter in me said, ‘no…you know better than that, just keep moving…as long as you KEEP MOVING you are going to finish this.’ So I kept moving. After the steep climb at 7 the roads flattened out and we hit a neighborhood with lots of shade. I picked up the pace and got back on track. It felt good to get a little second wind. There were stations spraying down people with water and I took FULL advantage of this. I took probably half of 2 Gus the entire race and sucked down water at just about every water stop.
As we hit miles 11 and 12, we circled back around to the Fair Park area. The course goes through where the State Fair is held, right around the Cotton Bowl. It felt good to be nearing the finish. I started getting tired here and just wanted to ease on in to the finish line since I knew I wasn’t going to PR. As I turned the corner I saw my friend Ann inching up to me. I smiled at her and held her hand for strength. Seeing my friend and running partner in crime there was just what I needed to keep trucking. So I picked up my pace a bit and busted it out to finish strong. I clocked in at 1:52:22.
After the race, I hung out with all of my friends and saw a bunch of people I knew! Some of my friends were running their very first half marathon that day! Even though it was a tough race and quite balmy for a spring day in March, everyone had smiles on their faces. A successful day in my book.
This morning as I was getting ready and checking my email, I read the RW Daily Kick in the Butt and it kind of reminded me of this weekend…
How was your weekend – did anyone else have a race? Tell me about it!
What is your favorite kind of salad? 

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14 thoughts on “Rock N Roll Half Marathon Race Recap.

  1. Way to fight to the finish!! Sounds like your mental game was ON yesterday!! 🙂
    I love shrimp salads with lots of fresh veggies!
    Have a great Monday, recovering well!!

  2. Great Job Chelsea, It looked hot out there and the medal is so cool. Like I said to you before, another race, way to hang in there and finish strong.

  3. Great run, and you look adorable, too!!:) It looks like everyone had a great time. I’m doing my first RnR race at the end of April in Nashville, looking forward to it!

  4. I can not believe how flippin’ amazing you look after racing in such hot temps! I would look like a hot mess! You look fantastic!!
    Once again, great job!! Looks like you all had so much fun afterwards too….great photos….love the ferris wheel in the background:-)
    As for salad….I love lots of topping! Feta cheese, asparagus, croutons, grilled chicken…the more the tastier!

  5. Great job pushing through! 🙂 I’m so jealous that you have so many people to run with; running isn’t super popular where I live and it’s hard to find a large group of people to run together. That’s so awesome that you have that community!

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