TGIFriday Faves.

Hello and Happy Friday! I am so very thankful that the weekend is near. Plus it’s CINCO DE MAYO WEEKEND! Yes, the whole weekend. I live in Texas. That’s how we do things around here.
Soo it has been a minute since I have done a favorites post so I figured I would let you in on what I am loving as of late. Let’s get started.
90’s music on Pandora radio
Listening to music helps my brain flow – some days I’m in the mood for more mellow music, other days hip hop…lately I have really been into corny 90s music…some of these songs make me laugh and reminisce on the old days. Don’t act like you are too cool to relate. Remember this song?
Stainless steel water bottles
I just got a new water bottle from the bookstore at my job…excited to use it in my next spin class. I love the stainless steel bottles that are environmentally friendly.
Massages/the stick/compression = anything related to recovery
I have said it before but I am a big fan of getting monthly massages. I can definitely tell a difference and know my tired runners muscles really need it. I am so thankful for Everett at Massage Envy, who understands what my needs are as an athlete. I have a little bounce in my step after each session. I have also been doing lots of rolling with this little doodad
Meet my new best friend.
And wearing compression sleeves to bed and to work. Compression all day everyday. 
Unsweetened Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Milk
I am in so much love with this stuff. It has totally replaced my desire for real milk in my cereal. Why do such a silly thing when you can put delicious almond milk in there? It’s also great if you are allergic to dairy or you just like to pretend you are vegan/vegetarian sometimes like me. I don’t even miss the cow. My favorite thing to use almond milk in lately is the Puffins peanut butter cereal. I hear it’s also great in smoothies, but mainly I use it in my cereal in the mornings.
Starbucks Americano
My favorite drink hands down at the bux. Also another dairy free option since it’s just Espresso with hot water. I like to add a splash of cream…especially good with caramel syrup. Pure yumminess.
Qunioa with turkey meatballs
I made this the other night and could seriously eat it every night for dinner. So good…especially with sauteed kale. Qunioa (pronounced keen-wah) kind of has the texture of rice, it’s a complete protein and is very tasty, filling and quick to make. Move over pasta…quinoa is taking over the world.
I am so excited that they have the Instagram app for Android phones now. I got this on my phone not long ago and ever since I have been pimping pretty much every photo I can get my hands on. Wall art, sunsets, my dinner, my treadmill, you name it. It is also fun to check out the ‘news feed’ and share your photos with your friends. Another great way to waste time. Good times.
Pinata Cookies 
I found these cookies on Pinterest. Seriously need to figure out how to make these. This weekend. It.will.happen.
This is always a favorite and will remain on the list, along with running. I will have to get my Latin salsa dance on this weekend, obvi. 
On that note, how about another Danceaton video…well ok!
How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend? What is your favorite drink at Starbucks? How are you breaking a sweat today?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

8 thoughts on “TGIFriday Faves.

  1. Almond milk is amazing! And I’m all about the Americano too, but I go back and forth between sugar free caramel and sugar free hazlenut. Yum!! When you make those cookies, be sure to save me one…or three 🙂

  2. As always I am digging your list Lady!
    I have already updated my iPod for race day, but I just might have to go back and add one more song….love me some Mambo No.5 🙂
    I loved iced chai at Starbucks and I am celebrating this weekend by running a marathon! WHOO-HOO 🙂
    Have a fun this wk.end friend!

  3. The guy who plays Pee Wee Herman totally tweeted those pinata cookies!! don’t ask me why I know that. I love turkey meatballs – and I am more annoyed by 5 de Mayo this year because I have plans to go to a pretty popular place tmrw night and I think it’s gonna be PACKED due to the holiday. I just want ONE drink haha, not to rage it up!
    OMG Mambo No. 5. My sister did a dance to that when she was little for her dance recital.

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