What I Want Wednesday.

Hey there! I hope your day started off on a happy note. And if it didn’t and you don’t do this already, I suggest you take up drinking coffee. Coffee is the cure all for pretty much everything.
My morning started with best endorphin rush. 4 mile run with my friend Elyse in my hilly neighborhood. I live in a part of Irving called Las Colinas, which actually means ‘the hills’ in Spanish. I know, I didn’t learn that in Spanish class either! I felt like I was running strong though, maintaining just under a 9 minute pace. Such a great way to start the workday!
Elyse is tapering for the San Diego Marathon which is just in a little over a week! She is going to crush her current PR. I am so excited for her! She ran the Heels and Hills 10K a few weeks ago and got 2nd place in her age group!
Tonight I will be teaching dance class, subbing for a friend at the 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport gym in Murphy. 
I love teaching at this club for the free fresh towels! Take that, laundry!
I have a heart pumping playlist on deck too. I love teaching this class, it’s like one big sweatfest party. I like to call it my version of a ‘happy hour’.
So, back to the actual topic of this blog post. There are so many things I want right now. Being on Pinterest all the time sure isn’t helping…
I want to make these cookies. For no particular reason but to eat them. Okay, maybe I’ll share. They look so festive and easy to make! Maybe I’ll find an excuse to make them for a bbq or pool event this weekend.
I want these glow in the dark cups! How amazing would it be to have a night time pool party with these. So fun.
I want to go see Jill Scott in concert already! They have moved the date of this concert TWICE to accommodate her tour schedule. Looks like Eric and I will finally get to go June 28th. She is so amazing in concert. I am looking forward to jamming out with her!
I want to do a relay race! I was so inspired reading about some of my buddies like this girl and this girl running relays with their friends. I think it would be fun to do a crazy race and run at 2 in the morning! Yes, I am one of those crazy runners and I LOVE it.
I want this breakfast pizza from one of my favorite restaurants Penne Pomodoro. Yes, the whole thing.
This place has an amazing brunch with dollar mimosas! Good thing I’ll be going there this weekend with this girl…
My homegirl Natalie. Love her.
I want to be laying poolside right now soaking up some sun. Hopefully this weekend.
I want some bright and colorful jeans. Some yellow ones. Anyone know where I can get some? 
I will end this with a Danceaton video, because that’s what you do at the end of a blog post, right? Right.
What is your favorite thing to bake? Favorite summer accessory? Did you run this morning, if so how many miles?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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