Wounded Warrior 10K Recap.

Happiest of Mondays to you! This is always the day where we play catch up with each other…so let’s back it on up and recap the weekend, mmkay?
This weekend was a nice mix of fun, relaxation and dare I say RACING! That’s right, your girl is back in the game of racing. I decided to run the Wounded Warrior 10K on Sunday with my Luke’s Locker teammates. It was a warm and humid 80 something degrees, and I was determined to go out there and do my best. As I told you last week, I had no goals for this race other than just to do my best, and hold on to see what I was physically and mentally ready for. Of course, before the gun went off, I had to have a little photoshoot with my posse, because we are freaking good looking people and that’s what races are all about, right? RIGHT.
I loved this race because there were members of the military all along the course. It was nice having that kind of encouragement from those that fight for our country.
The race had a half marathon and a 10K option. This was the 3rd 10K I had ever run, but it had been a little over a year since I’ve done that distance.  I knew the course since I ran one similar to it last year, and this race was in my neighborhood which was awesome. It literally took me about 5 minutes to get to the race site! So I definitely knew what to expect. A few rolling hills, but mostly even elevation. I love running through the Campion Trails in Las Colinas, and try to get out there every once in a while during the week for solo runs. So it was nice to hit the trails once again.
My first mile, I definitely went WAY too fast right out of the gate. I think I was just so ballstothewall excited about racing again that the adrenaline kind of took a hold of me. Mile 1 – 7:30-ish. I tried to see if I could hold on to that on the second mile. My body temp started warming up and the heat took over. I had to slow it down. Mile 2- 8:30 something. Ah well, I said to myself. I can pick it up at the turnaround point. It was nice getting to turn around and go back the same way I came. I got to see a lot of my buddies and high five everyone. It was cool being out there with the Luke’s crew, everyone was so encouraging to one another. Every time I got tired, I looked up and saw one of my buddies, cheering me on, and I returned the favor.
On the way home, I was getting tired. The heat was really starting to hit me. I felt like stopping at about mile 5…but I just kept telling myself to keep moving. I know how my body responds to this heat, so I made sure to listen to it and run smart. Even if I had to slow down and take a blow to my ego, I was going to do what I needed to do to run smart and safe. I slowed it waay down up until I hit where I could see the finish line. I sprinted in with the guy right next to me which is always fun.
Still finished in just under an hour, 9 minute pace. Finished. Done. Finitio.
The boyfriend Eric was at the finish line cheering me on. I was so happy to see him there. When I saw him I started crying a little bit from disappointment. I so badly wanted to hold on to those 7 and 8 minute miles. He was so encouraging and supportive of me…he told me ‘This is your COMEBACK race…you did great! You finished!’ I really appreciated his words at that moment. Kind of needed hear that.
After the race I jetted on home to get ready for my brunch that I was hosting for my running buddies. I made some french toast casserole, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, lotsa fruit and some pastry bites. I had prepared a lot of the stuff the night before so it was real easy to pop it out and have it ready after the race.
My buds came over and gobbled that stuff up so fast! I was so happy to have all of them over. A bunch of them DOMINATED and took home age group awards too! Congrats guys!! 
From the left, Diane (2nd place in AG) Shirley (2nd in AG) me, and Pepsi (took 1st place! ROCKSTAR!!)
So what I learned from this race was this – I will always and forever be thankful for every opportunity I have to run. Some days are not going to be PR kind of days. It just makes you appreciate it that much more when you DO have those days. More than a PR, I  am SO thankful for the camaraderie I have with my running buddies. These people are lifelong friends that I cherish every moment with. I am going to take care of my body and do what I need to do to get back in to racing shape. I am going to be PATIENT with myself. I will get back in the groove soon. And until then, I am going to enjoy and love my life. And be thankful for the fact that God gave me this body and these legs to RUN.
Did you bike, run, swim, dance this weekend? Ever done a 10K before? What is your favorite post race/workout meal?

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10 thoughts on “Wounded Warrior 10K Recap.

  1. That heat is definitely going to make a huge difference in your time! I did a 8-mile run at 11am on Saturday and that heat seriously got to me. I stopped SO many times to rest but was determined to get those miles in!! It’s good to know what your body can handle and not overdo it, so don’t beat yourself up for not getting PR. There will always be more races (when the weather is cooler!!). =)

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