Monday Runday and Wknd Recap.

My day started off in true Monday runday fashion…with a happy tempo-ish run. The legs were feeling fresh and ready to go. Plenty of cloud cover outside, a nice little cool breeze. I think I’m slowly getting acclimated to summertime running again! I recovered with a large iced coffee. Bliss.
My weekend was fun and filled with some sunshine! I got pampered a bit and went to get my hair did. My stylist put the keratin complex treatment in my hair…it makes my hair straight and silky. The treatment is supposed to last a little bit longer than a regular straightening treatment…up to a little over 6 months or so. I have replaced putting chemicals in my hair with the natural keratin treatments, and have been doing so for a little over a year. I absolutely love them! Great for ethnic and curly/frizzy hair.
Having a little too much fun taking photos from my phone…
I also ran a lovely 8 mile marathon training run with the Luke’s crew. My group is looking so strong! I am excited for them to all rock their marathons this fall. The coaches got together and took some photos. We have a great group of leaders out there this season!
After the run I tacked on a couple more miles onto the 8 miler. It felt good to get back into the double digit runs for the first time in a couple of months.
Later on I went to a birthday party for my friend Olivia. We went to Benihana’s for some Japanese hibachi and then to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar later on in the evening! Olivia got serenaded and we sang the night away!
On Sunday I took an impromptu REST day after all of that fun. My hammies were a little bit sore and I was tired from ripping and running all of Saturday. So HAPPY that I listened to my body and took it easy. Rest days = more important than RUN days. I constantly have to remind myself of this.
It felt good to just go to church and spend time with the boyfriend. I called my dad on Father’s Day and we had a nice long chat. He lives in Houston so when we have our convos it is always a real treat.
I am ready to rock the week now both at the job and at my workouts!
Do you take rest days from working out? If so what day is your rest day? Do you have a hard time with it or do you welcome them? 
What is your favorite thing to order at a hibachi restaurant?
Shrimp with veggies and steamed rice, with LOTS of ginger sauce!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

9 thoughts on “Monday Runday and Wknd Recap.

  1. Love your optimistic Monday attitude, I so need that! Great job on the double digit run. You’re a rockstar! And you’re even more of a rockstar for taking a rest day and listening to your body. I’m still working on that! I do NOT welcome the rest days! I love to get shrimp at hibachi restaurants too, though swordfish or tuna are my fave if they are available. Three cheers for ginger sauce!

  2. eeek I’m awful at resting…but it is so beneficial!!
    I wish I as running in your cool-breezy weather! it’s hot hot hot here!
    I know your monday is off to a great start, keep up the happy vibes!

    1. It’s soso hot here too! Thankfully I like to run mostly in the butt crack of dawn mornings, afternoon summers in TX are way too brutal! I would like to come up there and run in the wine country with you! 🙂 One day!

      1. YEAH come on over!!! I loveee running at 6am to escape the heat…but I find that most races in the summer don’t start until 8am, so I’m trying to acclimate and run during the brutal 90-100* temps 🙂

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