It’s Only Getting Better.

Yet another great run this morning. Felt good to get up bright and early and knock it out. Temps weren’t too warm and it was very breezy out. I want this weather to stay around just a little bit longer. Triple digit temps stay far far away and let me keep on lovin’ my runs.
Kept it at an easy 9 something minute per mile pace. Finished 6 miles in just under an hour. Bam.
Runners – do you ever over-analyze and compare your pace and mileage to others? I think we are all guilty of this. I know I sure do. I try to use other people’s performances as more motivation for me to continue to improve, not so much as a comparison.
I believe that everyone is on his or her own running JOURNEY, and it is something you should always respect, the fact that we are all on our own journeys. Yours will look a little different from mine. And that’s okay. I have always had this belief and I think it has been what has kept me going for so long in this game of running.
It’s only getting better.
After my run I had tons of WATER, boiled some eggs and had some fresh blueberries at work. I bought up a bunch of yummy fruits last night. I love that berries are now in season!
I am also loving these cinnamon roasted almonds. They are my new go-to snack when I need something sweet.
Tonight I will do a little strength workout at the gym. I have been missing me some weights! I may throw in this little set from Jen’s workout! Go check that girl’s blog out, she posts lots of great moves you can incorporate into your routine!
That’s all for now.
What do you love the most about running? What are some of your favorite summer fruits? Favorite strength training move?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

14 thoughts on “It’s Only Getting Better.

  1. Yeah girl, way to get your run on this morning! I am soooo not ready for triple-digit temps 😦 Makes for some seriously miserable running conditions!

    My favorite fruit hands down is watermelon. I have eaten MORE than my fair share over the past few weeks. It’s so addicting!

    Hmm as for strength training, I would say anything related to bis/tris. Seems I push the hardest doing workouts targeting them. I know it was a good workout when it hurts to lift my arm to turn the steering wheel 😉

  2. Awesome run! 🙂 My favorite part about running is… everything! I love the high, the strain, the burn; I love it all. Like you, I’m devouring some blueberries right now. My boyfriend and I went blueberry picking about a month ago and picked over ten pounds of goodness! What’s funny is that I never liked them until now. What was I thinking?!

    As far as strength training goes, I adore any core workout, as well as squats. I’ve been hitting the weights a lot more, as of late, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Here’s to getting strong!

  3. I love fruit salad in general! Lots of grapes, watermelon, pineapple, strawbs…

    Fave strength move: anything compound (ie: working two major muscle groups at once) that way I can maximize efficiency!
    -curtsy lunge with lateral raise
    -squat with overhead press
    -I could go on and on…

  4. perfect way to start the day!!
    I don’t compare my run times to other runners, because each run is different (easy/tempo/LR) and each runner trains differently. I don’t want to lose sight of why I run (for me!) so I don’t even think about going there and comparing my times…I do get very competitive with myself though, and am unhappy when I don’t PR 🙂
    I love watermelons! 🙂
    and lots of jump-squats + lunges for me!
    I hope you’re having a great day!

  5. I totally get stuck in that comparison trap, not with running but with ANY workout! I’m always looking at other people in group exercise classes and I feel guilty if they lift more, do more reps, or can do harder modifications. I’m working on concentrating on me and my own personal achievements, because I will always find someone out there who’s more athletic than me if I just keep looking for them & bringing myself down.

  6. Love that quote on comparison…so true!

    As for fruit, I LOVE blueberries and plumbs. Obsessed might be an accurate description 🙂

    What do I love about running? How strong and able it makes me feel. And that it always gives back what you put in!

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