The Hills Are Aliive.

Up and at ’em bright and early with some hill training! My schedule called for 6 hill repeats. I have to say I have been enjoying the challenge of doing these hill workouts and building on them week after week. It is definitely helps give you confidence and makes you a stronger runner to know you can push through those hills.
With my warm up and cool down included I got to 6 miles this morning, avg 8:44 pace. Not too shabby. It was definitely warm out…this week is calling for more triple digit temps! Bring it on!
Hill running is definitely a big component when it comes to training for any race. I believe they make you a stronger, more efficient runner. It’s all about putting in the time, hard work and dedication, and in the end…it will pay off. You just have to keep your head in the game and your eyes focused on your goal, whatever that may be.
Here are some things that have helped me power through hill workouts…
-It’s mostly mental. I think with hills or with any challenging workout you have to keep your mind focused on the positives. Pumping yourself up with encouraging words definitely helps you get through it.
-Make sure to pick your feet and legs up as you are going up the hill. Focus on your form.
-Breathing is also important during your run. Never lose sight of how you are breathing. It really makes a difference in your performance.
-It’s easy just to throw your body into it as you are going down the hill. Make sure you are not going down too fast so you don’t stress your joints. Easy down the hill, I like to focus more on powering up the hill than down.
What are some tips you have for hill running? Do you have any mantras or positive words you like to use for getting through running or with any type of workout? 

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5 thoughts on “The Hills Are Aliive.

  1. A friend of mine posted the following quote on her Facebook page this morning: “Be a hill seeker. Most of us try to avoid hills, but what’s so good about flat? Think about it: flat tires, flat hair, flat returns and–the ultimate–flatlining. Life happens on the hills. They’re opportunities to prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you ever imagined. If you never attempt the ascent, you’ll never know the thrill of swooshing down the other side.” I really liked the quote. 🙂

    I’m with you; I think running hills is really important, although I’m a slacker and don’t generally run scheduled “hill workouts.” My long run route is really hilly so I use that to get my hills in. They suck when you’re running up them, but they’re totally worth it in the end. (I also like to think of the quote, “hills are just speed training in disguise.”)

  2. I love the challenge of hills and it’s a good thing because where I live they are unavoidable!

    I am also a big fan of mantras. A few of my favorites are:
    “This to shall pass.”
    “I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me.”
    “Run the mile you are in.”
    and the simple, yet effective….

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