The Most Awesome Combination.

I know you guys don’t hear from me often on weekends, but I had a free moment so just checking in! I hope everyone’s weekend is getting off to a good start.

This morning’s 12 mile run went great! We had storms come in late Friday night so it was a humid, hot and sticky one. Everyone finished strong with smiles on their faces! We started the run bright and early (5 AM start) so by the end of the run I was pooped. I stopped in to Starbucks for some organic chocolate milk. It was icy and delicious.

Our long training runs are all about just gettting the miles in, not racing, taking it at an easy pace and being able to talk to your neighbor the whole way through. Since I work so hard with hill training, cross training and speedwork during the week, I always welcome these easy breezy runs!

The thing I love the most about about our long Saturday morning runs is the conversation. This morning we talked about Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke that does a little warm up dance before busting it out on the track. See, I told you dancing and running is the most awesome combination.

I am back tracking a little bit but here are some pics from the ice cream social run that I went to over at Luke’s last Thursday. We ran in 90 degree heat and then ate ice cream afterwards. Sweaty runners love them some ice cream. Can you find me?!

We also got to carry the olympic torch that was being passed around from store to store! One of the runners from Dallas ran 20 miles to the Plano store to deliver the torch. How awesome is that?!

That’s all for now…I am going country dancing tonight for my friend Pepsi’s birthday so I’m off to go find some cowboy boots!

Happy Birthday Pepsi!

Have a good one!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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