Sauna running and my latest obsessions.

6 sweaty miles this morning in the Texas summer heat, like running through a sauna. The humidity was thick, the sun was blazing and thankfully the wind brought a cooler breeze. I knocked out the 6 hill repeats that were scheduled for the day. I grabbed my Silk chocolate almond milk for recovery, stretched, showered and got dressed for work. Bam.
Last night I did my usual weekly grocery shopping, and stocked up on all my faves. Bing cherries were on sale for $1.99, so I grabbed some, along with bananas, eggs, asparagus, and my usual staples. I like to always make sure I am stocked up with fresh fruits and veggies in the house, along with some quality protein. It keeps me from wanting to run out for takeout, which I try to avoid doing most weeknights. I bought some bags of wild caught frozen mahi mahi and tilapia. Yummy! I had never made mahi mahi before but was feeling a little bit experimental. I marinaded the fish in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, and a dash of salt/pepper. Then I coated the fish in a little bit of garlic breadcrumbs. Turned out great, especially paired with my famous roasted asparagus!
My lunches lately have been a little bit all over the place. Last week I stocked up on whole wheat bread and cracked pepper smoked turkey and made sandwiches. This week will likely be yummy salads from Eatzis. I am obsessed with this place because you can go in and try every sample they have out under the sun, and walk out with an amazing salad and feel so full you don’t even want to eat your salad. Sounds like a win win in my book! Yesterday’s salad was garlic spinach with turkey, cheese and grapes. Total deliciousness.
I am also in love with TCBY’s latest fro yo flavor…tropical coconut. Frozen yogurt has taken over my life. Every Monday they have half off of frozen yogurt, so that is always my day to go when I need a little Manic Monday treat. I love that I can use my rewards card from there to rack up points…here’s to lots of free frozen yogurt for me in the near future.
Latest running reads…check out this great Runner’s World read from Coach Jenny on Tips for Better Running Form.
Do you have a fro yo place in your ‘hood that you really love? What are some food staples that you keep in your kitchen?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

2 thoughts on “Sauna running and my latest obsessions.

  1. I like TCBY a lot,but there is a local FroYo place in my neighborhood that I like better called Peachwave. They have the best pineapple frozen yogurt ever — it taste like creamy pineapple! My food staples are fresh veggies, fruit and more fresh veggies and fruit, since I’m vegetarian (and a raw-veggie during the summer). Totally in awe of you running in that Texas heat. I couldn’t do it. . . I am a self proclaimed heat wimp. Oregon rarely gets hot, but to be sure, I run before dawn! 🙂 Good job on the hill repeats. I hate hill repeat day, but it certainly does wonders for my rearend! Have a great week!

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