Back in the Saddle and RnR San Diego Half Recap.

Hello there! Hope you all had an excellent weekend. Mine went by like a whirlwind and was wall to wall fun. This morning I was up a little too early to teach spin after getting in from California last night. We did some speedy intervals, and a few rolling hills. Love Mondays. That class always gets me goin.


Let’s backtrack to the weekend…Saturday I was off on a jet plane to San Diego with my girl Malaika to run the Rock n Roll San Diego half marathon.



We ventured on over to the expo with about an hour before close and got our swag. So glad we made it.


Later on that evening we had dinner on the patio at Napizza. Wine, salad, and organic chicken pizza on deck.


Sunday morning we were up EARLY for the race. 6:45 am start time. Actually it didn’t FEEL that early to us…since us Texans are 2 hours ahead. So we were fired up and ready to go.



We got to watch the full marathoners take off. Exciting stuff.

I finally got to meet some of my favorite SoCal runners at the half start. Like this lady. Me and Pam have been social media buddies for years. She is the sweetest and pretty dang fast to boot.


The gun went off and we were ready to go. I had heard from a few of the locals about how hilly it was so I just enjoyed the first half as we went up and down inclines. Towards about mile 6-7 the weather started warming up and 75 percent humidity the whole way. It messed with me a little bit mentally since I am NOT a hot/humid weather runner but I just kept telling myself to stay strong and keep pushing. Honestly going into this race…I hadn’t really hardcore trained or anything like that so I didn’t care to PR. Just went there to run and see new sights. I figured I’d fall just behind the 2 hour mark. Even if I ran OVER 2 hours that would have been ok with me. Real laid back just havin fun. And running right along with Dr. Dribble.



The energy and spectators for this race are NONSTOP. Really I didn’t feel like there was a dead moment and I felt so good the whole way. The neighborhoods were beautiful and lots of shade which was helpful. They had jugglers along the course and even folks spraying us with water. Every time another incline came around and I’d see folks stopping and walking I just told myself to keep going. And I did.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.30.24 AM

I am so happy with that time considering the conditions and those hills. Those California runners, I tell you…are some STRONG folks! I do have to say hills are speedwork in disguise. So good for the legs.

Another one down, folks. Number 18. I think I can make it to 20 half marathons by the end of the year.


Oh, and another thing I love about San Diego…the sunsets. I’m definitely going back.


How was your weekend?

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30 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle and RnR San Diego Half Recap.

  1. Girl, you are BEAST with your speed work! Under 2 hours, with all the hills & humidity?! Amazing stuff indeed! Great job, nice recap!! 🙂

  2. WOW, what incredible pictures, an incredible pace, and you look absolutely amazing!!! You are such a strong runner!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a fun time!!

  3. Well done! 200th out of 2001 in weather you don’t like! And yes, hills are speed work in disguise. Best bit is going down them!

  4. You are awesome!! Congratulations on another half and at a great time too considering the heat and hills. You’re just a queen when it comes to running in the humidity. Loved seeing your pics and the new bling!!!!

  5. Awesome time, Chelsea. Congratulations! Everything looked wonderful, the race, the food, the sunset. San Diego is truly a place I hope to see one day soon.

  6. Great job on that race!! So fun to see all the recaps on the race today – I think that would be a fun race for sure!

  7. Love the selfie with the dribbler in the background! haha- awesome!
    I’ve went to San Diego a couple times when I was living in L.A.- loved it there!

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