23 Miles, Ultra and Wknd Recap.

Hi there! It’s a rainy dreary morning around these parts but I still managed to get my workout in. 1 hour of teaching spin with the crew. We did lots of speedy sprints and jumped on plenty of hills. Feels good to get it in on a Monday.

Hope your weekend was wonderful! The weather around here cooled off just a bit…just in time for my 23 mile run on Saturday. Temps were in the 60s for most of the run so that made for a good time. I honestly felt like I could keep going on this run and never really hit a wall which was awesome. I took in 3 salted caramel energy gels and some gatorade. This was probably the longest training run I’ve ever done in the 5 years that I’ve been running marathons. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it…riding solo. And that I did.


Now it is time to taper and scale those miles back to get ready for my race! Less than 3 weeks away from my 11th full marathon.

After the run the remainder of the weekend was fairly low key. My friend and blogging buddy Sharde came to town with her gorgeous baby London. We had brunch at Pop Diner with bottomless mimosas. So delicious! Cheers to Sharde!


I got to hold her doll baby and almost stole her away. Clearly she loves me and thinks I’m hilarious.


The mimosas sapped some of my energy and I was basically useless the rest of the day–which was a good thing in itself because it forced me to rest (because I don’t know how to sit still otherwise.)

Sunday…wow what did I even do on Sunday? Oh yeah…I took a selfie. Actually I had a sushi date so I had to get all cute. I wore a scarf even though it was about 90 degrees out. And I went to get my nails done.


Then I ended the day only the best way I know how. With frozen yogurt. My 23 mile run treat.


Oh and before I go…I also did a little race shopping and rewarded myself with this registration. Guess who will be an ULTRA MARATHONER in 2015?! Hello! Bring it on February. 31 miles to kick off my 31st birthday and 31 years of being on this earth.


What did you do over the weekend?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

27 thoughts on “23 Miles, Ultra and Wknd Recap.

  1. Ohh wow, beautiful pictures and an amazing weekend recap!! You always manage to get in great mileage + lots of fun!! So very cool! You are so, soooo gorgeous!! Seriously a beauty!! Rock on hottie!! Hope you’re having a great Monday and OH, 23 miles AND signed up for an ultra!!!! WHAT!! You’re way too awesome!! Congrats!! XOXO!! 🙂

  2. Wow, how you can run 23 miles and still have energy plus look Amazing afterwards I’ll never know! Lol 🙂 Great job & Kudos for signing up for an Ultra Marathon! I’m sure you’ll do great!

    1. Geez thank you! It helps that I have been doing this for a while now 🙂 Also I really wanted to go out with the girls on Saturday night but my poor body would not let me so I listened to it and rested. It felt good to get rest after all that runnin’!

  3. So many awesome stuff here. I saw you ran 23 miles this weekend on IG. You go girl!!!! And seriously, I was nervous about having to run 20 miles solo — but it wasn’t so bad. 🙂 AND I’m so excited for your first ULTRA. That is the perfect way to start your 31st birthday!!!

    How did the date go??? XOXOXO

    1. Thank you…that means a whole lot coming from you, Kris!! And you would LOVE the gu! I actually look fwd to eating it on a run which is usually rare with me and fuel!! Let me know how you like it 🙂

  4. Ohhhhhh an ultra you she-ro lol 🙂 I knew you’d crush that 23 miler. The temps were great here too!! The low’s were in the upper 50’s yesterday and today

  5. Great job on that 23 mile run!!!
    And, hooray for signing up for your ultra – love that you are going to run 31 miles in your 31st year!

  6. Um yeah if I ran 23 miles I’d celebrate with frozen yogurt and then some haha. I’m sure those bottomless mimosas were a perfect reward too 😉 love me some mimosas. You are a running queen! You’re gonna kick butt! I love the scarf in 90 degrees haha – you really need to make a trip to Chicago where that scarf isn’t just a fashion statement, but a health necessity haha

  7. I am so excited you registered for an ultra! You are going to rock it…I still plan to do the 50 miler I signed up for last summer, but it may have to wait til 2016…this summer might be all about the honeymoon 🙂

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