Confessions of a Cycle Instructor, Part 2.

So I did one of these instructor confession sessions not long ago and I promised you there would be a part 2…well here it is without further ado.

Hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s cycle playlist…if not head on over and grab some song ideas for your next workout!


Here it goes…

-When I teach a 5:30 am class (like this morning) I literally get up at the last minute and give myself a 10 minute window to get out of the house. This means more sleep for me.

-Sometimes I may even stop by Starbucks BEFORE class…thankfully they are ALWAYS right next door to the gym I work at. I like how that works out.

-I’m always looking for new catch phrases and/or words of motivation. Right now this one is my favorite.


-My favorite classes are always the ones where students hoop, holler, and dance on the bikes. It should be a PARTY people!! A party where people work freaking hard and have a good time. It is possible to do both.

-Favorite post spin class meal without a doubt would be lazy girl mac n cheese.

-Best way to rehydrate post spin class for me is coconut water or a smoothie made from my favorite travel blender.


-The most classes I’ve taught in one week was 6…this week I am teaching 5.

-I love subbing classes and bouncing around different gyms…it’s a great way to gain a following and to get people to know who you are as an instructor.

-Teaching classes is usually the BEST part of my workday…it’s my little light at the end of the busy career girl tunnel.

What are some confessions you have as an instructor (or as someone taking an instructor’s class?)

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Cycle Instructor, Part 2.

  1. I think if I did not have kids, I would totally be an instructor at a gym. So many great perks plus you get to squeeze in extra workouts!!! YESSSS.. No confessions here, but as a gym member.. Hmmm.. I once spent 4 hours at a gym (spinning then running then another class then showering). That’s probably nothing compared to some people. But I was 8 months pregnant and my brother’s friends thought I delivered the baby because they saw me walk in but not walk out… Nope… baby didn’t fall out. She’s 3.5 years old now. My, how time flies.

    1. haha I’ve done the whole marathon classes thing…in between jobs I used to do that a lot…just to have something to do…there are SO many classes to choose from at the gym I work at (and at the time I was a *gym diva* member) so it’s fun to just take all of them and try everything, like a buffet!!

  2. Now I get up early but there was at time when I did the last minute thing every day. I would hit the snooze numerous times because I would lay there and think of all the things that weren’t really necessary (showering, hair…..).

  3. Confession: if you text in my class, that’s when it’s primetime for jumps and heavy standing climbs. Also perfect opportunity to teach about the necessity and safety of holding the handlebars with both hands. Sorry not sorry. 😉 My class is a tech free and stress free zone (other than my phone supplying the music)- time to unwind, work hard, lose your mind to the music and ride!

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