Core Power Yoga Review.

As a runner, there is nothing more healing to my body than an invigorating yoga session. I have been practicing yoga for a number of years and I can definitely tell you it has transformed me and made my life better. Body, mind and spirit.

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Speaking of running…7 miles done this morning. Enjoying yet another lovely sunrise. Sometimes you have to get up and remind yourself what a blessing it is to be alive. Surviving and thriving.


Today I wanted to do a quick review of a new yoga studio I’ve been checking out lately…Core Power Yoga in Dallas. What’s cool about this facility is they have it all over the U.S. – in major cities too like Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. They may just have one near you.



I heard about this place from a few of my yoga friends and have been meaning to try it. So on DFW free yoga day (which is held every year on Labor Day in Dallas- you can take yoga classes all over the metroplex free of charge all day long) I took advantage and ventured on over for the 60 minute heated yoga sculpt class.

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I brought my yoga mat, got all signed in and ready to go. This particular class is definitely not your traditional session.

It’s very similar to a bootcamp style class, but also incorporating a yoga flow and we got warmed up with a sun salutation in the beginning of the class before busting out the weights. You use a lighter and a heavier set, and they take you through a series of poses with the weights thrown in. It was definitely hardcore! The instructor made it super fun though, plus the music was super energizing and upbeat…not your typical yoga lullabies you are used to hearing. We rocked out to Rihanna and some top 40 hits while getting our yoga groove on.

Overall I loved this class and I think it’s a nice change up from your typical yoga class. You can go lighter on the weights too or a little heavier but you will pay for it later as the moves really fatigue the muscles since there is no recovery in between sets. I was definitely sore for a couple of days after so I could tell I was working some muscle groups that I had not worked in a while.

In addition to yoga sculpt, they also have your typical power yoga/vinyasa style classes. I really also enjoyed their community yoga class that they offer on Sunday afternoons. They provide a lot of variety to tickle your yoga fancy, and any beginner or advanced yogi can walk in here and still get a killer workout.


So if you have one of these studios in your area, definitely check it out! You can see all of the locations here and they even will offer you a free week if you are a first timer. I believe some studios also participate in Class Pass if that is your thing.

Have you ever tried Core Power Yoga or any fun/different type of yoga class?

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