Christmas Running, Short Work Week and Wknd Recap.

Well hello there! Your girl is back at it working a bit this week before the New Year. Hey, at least for me it is a rather short work week as I’ll be off starting Wednesday afternoon. Can I get an amen?

It will be a ghost town at the 9 to 5 anyway so hopefully I can get a little work done. And maybe a little dancing at my desk.

Yeah, kinda like that. Except with work clothes on.

Let’s recap a bit of the holiday/Christmas week…shall we?

Christmas eve morning…what a lovely morning it was!! I met up with a bunch of my Plano/Frisco running buddies and we did a run out in the park. We do an annual Christmas Eve run every year and lots of folks come out…some I haven’t seen in months or over a year! It’s always a good time and so fun catching up. Some of us bring Christmas goodies to share to after the run too. We did close to 7 miles that day and it was great fun.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.20.44 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.23.19 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.24.02 AM

After the run it was mostly chill time for me and I went to my mama’s house out in Plano. She always has the best ornaments. I can’t believe she has kept my 80s ornaments from long long ago!



And she always had the best TBT pictures. This was me and my BFF back in the day just chillin.


Anyway…that night I went to a Christmas eve service with the fam bam. Gotta love singing Silent Night to candlelight.


Christmas morning…brunch and a selfie by the Christmas tree.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.28.50 AM

We had an amazing Christmas meal at the Front Room Tavern and of course I had to partake in the spinach eggs benedict. And some yummy prime rib.


Later…Cupcake wine. We tried the new Black Forest decadent red but I was not that much of a fan. I think I was expecting it to be a bit bolder I guess. I like their Red Velvet selection better.


Saturday…12 miles in the hood before the storm came through. I was so thankful to get this run done before that crazy weather we had. If you haven’t been watching the news the DFW area was hit real bad with tornadoes Saturday night and folks lost their lives. The damage is about 20 minutes away from where I live! So NUTS and I feel so fortunate that me and my family are safe.


Post long run fuel as usual…acai bowl with bananas and blueberries.


The rest of the weekend was so chill and I really feel like I needed it. I did my last double digit run before the New Year’s double…10 easy miles to the tune of some wind and rain. I’m so happy the bad weather is gone and now it’s just nice and chilly. My kind of running weather!


How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you this year?
Yes! I got lots of money to spend at both Starbucks and Lululemon. Hashtag I’m so ‘basic’. Haha.

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17 thoughts on “Christmas Running, Short Work Week and Wknd Recap.

  1. Thank God you’re safe, Chels. I was thinking of you and my friend Beth who lives in Texas. She’s safe too,
    What a nice Christmas recap. I think it’s great that you start the season with a run with friends. Awesome way to stay active in the craziness!
    By the way…..what is up with Porsha this season?? Booty tweking in a thong, Latin lovers, veneers whiter than fresh snow! Too much!!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! 🙂 I especially love the christmas morning run… That really looks like such a blast:-)
    Oh yes, a lululemon gift card is always something. And being basic isn´t bad at all:-)
    My Santa was good to me too, as I got a Yoga Mat from Lululemon, the one I had wished for for so long:-) and a gift card to a local sports store…XO

  3. RHOA = LIFE!!!!! I cant stop watching them this season…! Girl those storms are literally 10 minutes from our house and we drove right in the heart of the storm Saturday! God was definitely watching over us because we were untouched but down the street was a different story. I have been freaked out all weekend from it but thankfully everyone we know is safe! Going to help clean up this week for these poor people 😦

    1. Oh so glad to hear you are okay! I’m over near Coppell/Irving area and I was actually driving through the storm as well right before the tornado warning hit…I made it home too just in time. That was so freaking scary. I cannot imagine what those people are going through. I’ve definitely already donated to the Red Cross and want to help out some more if I can.

      1. Thanks girl it was so crazy… So many of my friends parents houses are gone. The weather yesterday made it worse for everyone to get to their belongings so they are all trying to clean up today. We are lucky we were not in the path of the tornado and I am grateful my family is all safe. Lets hope we do not have to deal with anymore bad weather for awhile 🙂

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