Foggy Miles and Races Coming Up.

8 miles done this morning in the straight up fog…the roads were nice and quiet though. We have some warmer temps coming in the next day or so…(highs in the 60s today!) so I am looking forward to the sunshine.


So I have a few races up my sleeve for 2016! I’m looking forward to lots of fun opportunities to rock it out on the roads…here’s what’s on tap in the next few months.

Jan 31st- Too Cold to Hold Half Marathon / Dallas, TX…this race I have not yet run before but it’s a part of a fun series that I’ve done with the Run Project. They have a great race in the summertme…the Too Hot to Handle 15k. I loved that one! So the half should be a good one and I’m hoping for some fast running.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.07.41 AM

Feb 6th- Dash for the Beads 5k / Oak Cliff, TX This one is located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Bishop Arts District. Plus there will be plenty of Mardi Gras themed fun! Yes…that is one of my most favorite holidays. I ran this one last year and it’s a very hilly challenging course. I’m hoping to beat my time from 2015.
Those of you that are local you can purchase the Groupon here..$18 for a 5k is quite the steal!


I am digging my mismatched compression socks.

Feb 21st- HEB Alamo Half Marathon / San Antonio, TX- I received an opportunity through the Marathon Maniacs to be an official pacer for this race so I’m really looking forward to that! Being a pacer is such a rewarding experience…I’ve paced 2:00 and 1:55 groups in the past. Can’t wait to meet some more crazies like myself and help some runners reach their goals.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.15.34 AM


Feb 28th- Cowtown 50k / Ft. Worth, TX- This will be my 2nd 50k, dipping my feet back into the ultra pond and I definitely am ready for the challenge! I love this race because they offer so many distances throughout the race weekend and the course is absolutely beautiful.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.12.26 AM

March 20th- Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon / Dallas, TX- This is definitely one of my favorite half marathons…bands all along the way and running in my hometown! Plus I love shopping at their health and fitness expo. I am praying for some good weather.


What races do you have on tap? Is anyone running a spring/summer marathon?
The Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon in June!

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14 thoughts on “Foggy Miles and Races Coming Up.

  1. Wow you have a lot on tap! Nice run this morning. I was considering the Dallas RnR and the 5K before to chase 4 medals I could get from it since I did the RnR half here in San Antonio in December. It’s just so expensive though. I have the 25k Endurathon on 23 Jan and I am doing the same HEB Half on the 21st. Maybe we can cross paths just for kicks and giggles. You will be blazing out ahead of me but it would be cool to see ya there even if just for a moment.

  2. Wow, sounds like a great series of races for the first part of the year! We are off to Maui for the Maui Oceanfront marathon on the 17th, then a local half in March as a tune up for the Salt Lake City marathon in April, then back home for RnR Seattle in June and then a couple states over for the Missoula marathon in July…I think that’s it for the first half of the year…your 50k sounds awesome! Cheers!

  3. Those all sound great! I’m also doing the Too Cold to Hold half (the medal fits together with the Too Hot race, love it!), Cowtown (the 10k and half marathon), plus Rock & Roll (the 5k and half marathon). I will be pacing the Hot Chocolate 15k, I’m nervous because I’ve never paced before! I’m also doing some shorter races: Hotcake Hustle 10k and Trinity River Levee 10k. Lots of races this season!

    1. Fantastic! You will be an excellent pacer! The Hotcake Hustle looks cool but I chose Dash for the Beads because I’d prefer mimosas over pancakes post race. Just saying. haha, good luck!

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