10k Tuesday and 8 Thoughts While Running in the Rain.

Tuesday 10k today with my Irving Running Club crew! We had some heavy rain roll through this morning but thankfully with our start time of 5:30 AM all was calm in the world and we avoided most of it.


I am thankful for hardcore running friends and the calm before the storm.

& I don’t know about you but I feel 100 times more badass while running in the rain (sans lightning – we avoided that too this morning, woot woot)…but here are a few things that roll around in my head while running though the wet streets.

1. Oh look there’s a puddle…it’s kind of fun to jump and splash in them…whoops, now my feet are soaked.

2. Hmm…I see a couple more people in the neighborhood decided to tough it out and embrace the rainy weather. Good for them. We are all warriors getting this run done.

3. Yikes it is so humid…why did I wear this rain jacket? I feel like I am running in a sauna suit.

4. Does running in the rain burn more calories? I am just saying…I hope so.

5. So glad to be getting this done before the busy work day.

6. I am drenched…okay just a mile in a half or so to go…you’ve got this.

7. Alright…mile 5…one more quick out and back to make it to 10k for the day.

8. Done and done…now where’s my coffee? Pretty sure coffee tastes better when it’s raining outside.

What are some thoughts you have while running in the rain?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

21 thoughts on “10k Tuesday and 8 Thoughts While Running in the Rain.

  1. Love running in the rain! And yes coffee tastes soooo much better when it’s raining 😉

      1. It is very beautiful, especially Kerry where I live (Luke Skywalkers island in the latest Star Wars movie is near me!) but it rains a lot!

  2. Definitely sharing point 3. In the beginning I feel awesome because the jacket shields the rain, but then the heat begins to build up … till the rain doesn’t matter any longer and I ditch the jacket. Then it’s bliss, unless it’s cold …

  3. Running in the rain (or any kind of inclement weather, actually) definitely makes you more badass in my opinion! I actually enjoy running in the rain– there’s something very tranquil about it.

  4. I always think it’s the most difficult going out when it’s already is raining. No problem if it starts raining… But to go out there and get soaked before getting warm… I keep reminding me that once I get soaking wet – I am wet. It doesn’t get worse than that 😉

  5. Totally agree with all of these… Coffee always taste good after a run and even better when its raining! Now we have to get ready for more rain in the forecast lol 🙂

  6. We get to do this quite a bit in Seattle, but to be honest, I love it…ok, not the horizontal icy in your face biblical flood rain, but the trail right after or during a rain shower just seems so vibrant and actually energizes me to keep going! I wont deny dry and sunny once in a while is good too 🙂

  7. I like in Wales in the UK so I have no choice but to run in the rain. Think I must have been born with waterproof skin. Running in the heat is another matter! Just not built for it lol

  8. I love running in the rain — just as long as it’s not down-pouring when it starts. It’s kind of refreshing. I once ran on my lunch break and at the turn around point it started to DOWN POUR. I was drenched. Everyone at the office was waiting for me to call them so I could be picked up. Thankfully my friend had a towel in her car.

    The best part of running in the rain is when you’re running in the rain with FRIENDS. 🙂 Great job!!! XO

  9. I have a love/hate relationship with running in the rain. On the one hand, it means my phone and headphones could get wet and break. On the other…there was a time JUST before the rain began and the song “No Rain” played in my ears.

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