5 Ways to Stay Motivated for Fall and Winter Running.

I was up pretty early with the IRC crew for this morning’s run. I have to say as it gets darker outside in the mornings my warm bed just gets even more and more cozy. But I’m so thankful for friends that get me up and out the door for some miles.


I have 2 die hard friends that for the most part I can really depend on to be there in the mornings. We like to call ourselves the IRC breakfast club. Early morning runners for the win.

So as it gets darker and darker earlier I know some folks seem to lose the motivation to get it done early. I tell you…lately I’ve been hearing lots of excuses from friends in my running club. Hey…I know, I get it. We all aren’t morning people and that is okay. But especially as it gets cooler it becomes harder to want to get up, grab those layers of clothing and get out the door. So here are some ways you can stay motivated to get those miles in during the cooler fall and winter season.

1. Stay close to your dedicated, die hard morning runner friends. Those people are your tribe. You know the ones…they are up early and ready to go run with you most days of the week. These peeps will become your besties in the winter months. You basically know you can always rely on them for an early run to get ‘er done.

2. Get your clothes, gear etc ready to go the night before. It makes it 3,000 times earlier to wake up and roll out the door if you stay prepared.

3. Always keep your goal in the back of your mind. Whether it’s to reach a certain weekly mileage or an upcoming fall marathon. You know what it’s going to take to get there. Hard work, dedication and often times early wake up calls to get your run on.

4. Know that in the end you will be SO happy and feel accomplished that you got it done. See part of the reason why I love to run in the morning is I can be kind of competitive…

I know, Heather Dubrow is even surprised. Anyway, I like to be the first one to get the run done. The early bird gets the worm so to speak. Sometimes I do not like this Type A part about myself. But hey, someone has to be the Type A cray cray runner. I guess that is me. It’s okay, my real friends already know that I’m crazy and they accept me as I am.

5. Promise yourself a hot and cozy beverage and delicious hot shower after a chilly run. This pretty much always keeps me motivated to run fast and get it done. I sooo look forward to that hot and steamy shower afterwards. And yes…the coffee. Oh coffee how I love you.

What are some ways you stay motivated to run early in the fall and winter months?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

17 thoughts on “5 Ways to Stay Motivated for Fall and Winter Running.

  1. I love when you have running friends that hold you accountable!!! I felt that same way yesterday after a track workout. Seriously, I smelled bad but it was a good victory smell. HAHA. And i thoroughly enjoyed that hot shower.

  2. I’ve followed your blog as I’ve come to running late in life and find that the Parkrun (the weekly 5k runs, free to the runners) gets me out there. I’m prepping for my first marathon later this month and setting a goal and having a training plan certainly works too.

    Keep on blogging – thats motivation as well.

  3. This is almost exactly how I stayed motivated last winter. I promised myself hot chocolate and marshmallows after almost every run. And yes. I still gained 5 pounds over the winter even though I ran. Lol

    1. So funny…I’ve actually dropped 10 lbs in the last year without even trying since upping my mileage! But I know lots of folks have issues with weight gain and such. I try not to overdo it with the sugary drinks and I’ve actually found that as I get older I don’t crave sugar as much. But, yum! 😉

      1. Well weight fluctuates so much I actually don’t try to obsess anymore over such matters. I think it can be unhealthy to do so but I see a lot of runners doing it. I have lost over 50 lbs and have kept it off for a number of years so I’m enjoying having a balance in my life. Read more on my weight loss journey when you get a moment! Thanks for reading, Jess! https://thedancingrunner.wordpress.com/about/

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