One of Those Mornings and Weds Spin Playlist.

Hey there! I got in a pretty stellar run this morning with a picturesque view of the sunrise. It was one of those mornings when everything run wise just falls into place. Don’t you love when that happens?


Without further ado let’s get to this week’s spin cycle playlist! Check out my weekly schedule to see where I’ll be teaching next in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

Let’s go for a ride!

Blow You Up- Yogi feat Aluna George: Warm up
Lose My Breath- Destiny’s Child: Jumps
Bad Language- Topi: Climb 4/5/6
Poison (Baltimore Club Edit)- Bel Biv Devoe
Set Fire to the Beggin’ Rain (Mashup)- Adele vs Madcon: Tapbacks
Talk Dirty- Jason Derulo: Climb 5/6/7
The Party (Joe Stone Mix)- Montell Jordan: Jumps on a hill
Higher Ground- TNGHT: Accelerations
I Would Like- Zara Larsson: Active recovery
Famous- Kanye West: Climb 6/7/8
Black Beatles- Rae Sremmurd: Climb 7/8/9
Hoohah- Fox Stevenson & Curbi: Sprints
Run- Tiggs Da Author feat Lady Leshurr: Seated/standing run
Bleeding Love (House Mix)- Leona Lewis: Sprints
Gooey- Glass Animals: Cool down

What songs are you loving this week?
Tell me one good thing about today.
Hot delicious coffee after a chilly early run!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

12 thoughts on “One of Those Mornings and Weds Spin Playlist.

  1. Love Lose My Breath!! If I’m ever in Dallas I’ll have to take one of your classes! My good thing about today so far is skipping chemistry to listen to self development podcasts lol. Totally worth it :))

      1. I love old school stuff, it always makes me laugh. I used Ghetto Superstar today and they chuckled when it came on.

      2. Oh haha…I take a bunch of classes and I’m always shazaaming a song they are using 😉

      3. Haha I use the free one and screen shot it when it finds it. I think you get 4 a day on the free one.

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