A Christmas/Winter Holiday Survey.

I got in some quick miles this morning with one of my true blue Irving Running Club friends looking at the Christmas lights. Oh yes, dark and early morning runs are my favorite. I was especially fond of this tree. So much that we actually looped back around so I could get a quick shot of it. So pretty, right? I am slowly but surely getting into the holiday spirit.


Speaking of Christmas and all things festive…I thought we would do a fun survey today. Enjoy! And feel free to copy and share the love.

Does it snow on Christmas where you live?
Not in a while! Us Texans are used to fairly mild winters compared to up north. Anything under about 40 degrees counts as super cold down in Dallas. It was 30 something for this morning’s run and I was in heaven. Cold weather running is where it’s at.

Do you like snow?
Ha…I barely see it! But, I guess it’s okay.

Is winter your favorite season?
I do love running in the cold but my favorite season is fall. I just love the changing leaves, all things pumpkin and all of that jazz.

What is your favorite thing about Christmas?
Christmas music, the lights, putting up my tree. Oh and BOOZY COFFEE. Thanks, Suzy.

What do you want for Christmas?
A shiny brand new GPS running watch (so I can toss out my old one)…preferably one that holds up well on trails and lasts close to 24 hours. I’m getting close to buying a Garmin Fenix. Suggestions, anyone?

Favorite Christmas food?
Not a huge fan of the holiday food…probably something sweet. Like peppermint bark.

How you do decorate and get ready for Christmas?
Pink Christmas tree. Obviously.

2015-12-21 08.45.19

Answer any or all of the questions!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

8 thoughts on “A Christmas/Winter Holiday Survey.

  1. I am a Florida girl living in Virginia, so as you can guess the cold is not my favorite, haha. Kudos to you for running in the cold, I like running but when the temperature starts dropping it’s hard to go get moving. Like you, I love fall. Living in Virginia I finally get to experience the change in leaves!

    1. Yeah it takes some time to get used to running in the cold but once you get going it’s all good! VA is beautiful in the fall for sure!! I went to college there back in the day. (10 years ago…my has time flown!) Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. I also like Christmas lights. I call them winter lights because we keep them for a long time during
    the cold winter months here in cold Canada. Your picture of the Christmas tree is super.

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