Benefits of Increasing Your Running Volume.

So, how does one safely increase their mileage without injury? Well…I am here to tell you that it can be done, safely. Be patient with yourself and with your body and see what happens! Here are a few benefits I’ve personally experienced from safely upping my mileage over the last few years.


Safely increasing your mileage and running distance will actually make you stronger. You know that saying…if running is difficult. RUN MORE. This lesson applies to anything in life. Sooner or later it won’t become such a chore to you anymore and you will be running miles like it’s nothing. Running for me is like breathing, it’s like my coffee in the morning. Starting a day with a run just makes my day better. Once it becomes a part of your lifestyle, you will get BETTER at it. Trust me.

Running more means you will gradually get faster. Hello new PRs! I have to tell you that before last year I had hit a running plateau. Simply because I was doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting different results. The game changer for me was not only running FASTER, but slowly but surely running more. It eventually broke the plateau and I ran a 3:47 marathon in December. Breaking 3:50 was something I never, EVER thought I was capable of doing. So believe in yourself and believe that you can run more and do more with your running. You will surprise yourself and naturally will improve.

Running more improves your efficiency and running economy overall. This goes hand in hand with mixing things up and cross training, but running more will get your body used to the routine of pounding the pavement. One of my favorite things to do when increasing mileage is breaking up my run and running twice a day. I do a bulk of my training in the morning and then do a typically shorter/faster run in the evenings after work. Doing doubles will help your body recover faster and breaking it up really helps when you have a lot of mileage to tackle all in one day. Plus, when you’re a working girl like myself it absolutely helps to break it up. Because yes, I wish I had time to just RUN ALL DAY. But I’ve gotta go make that money, honey.

And remember…what is high mileage for YOU may not be the same as someone else. Please don’t get caught up in the *who is running more than who* TRAP. Because that is exactly what it is. Social media and especially Instagram makes us all think we should be doing more or should be running faster. Kind of like a dog and pony show. What you are looking at on social media is someone’s highlight reel. Put your head down, train your ass off and do your own thing. Do what works for YOU. And never forget that.

How is your training going? Do you ever get caught up in the social media/running comparison trap?

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28 thoughts on “Benefits of Increasing Your Running Volume.

  1. 100% agree on the social media. I fell into that last year and was so hard on myself bc of that, but I snapped out of it and really embraced being where I am and just being happy for everyone 🙂 It’s one of the reasons blogging and snapchat are my faves bc I feel like I (and others) capture the whole picture, the highs and the lows, and not just the highs 🙂 Keep kicking ass with the running. I LOVE all the posts!! ❤

    1. I cannot get on board with Snapchat! LOL I really tried. Maybe I’ll get back into it soon. I do think you can overdose on the whole social media thing. But yes, I love me some IG!! I am inspired by beautiful photos especially of nature. And thank you, I am simply doing what I love to do! Thanks for being a faithful reader! I enjoy your spin playlists as well.

  2. I love this. I do fall into the “who’s running more than who” trap often. I definitely need to work on that. Thanks for the advice! I’m hoping to up my mileage this year. It’s been a challenge, but I’m sticking to it.

    1. Good luck! I like to try the two steps forward, one step back approach. The step back really allows your body to recover and adapt to the stimulus of added training load. Most importantly, listen to your bidy

      1. Building up, recovery, then building up some more. Rest and recovery becomes just as important if not
        MORE important when you’re increasing those miles. That’s so key! Thanks, runcanvas for the additional input!

  3. Great article! It’s definelty easy to get caught up in a mileage race and runners love to compare themselves. I definelty got caught up last year. My body tops out at about 65 mpw, I was trying to keep up with a 70-80mpw runners. Two things I over looked. My running experiences was a lot shorter than theirs. I can run that now, but I needed to progress slowly as my body adapted. Pushing the ceiling very slowly and backing off. The other issue is quality vs quantity. I was putting in a lot more speed work which lowered my ability to increase safely. Now I focus on periodized training to improve speed and distance safely.

    1. Indeed! Yes and some are injury prone so it’s best to stay in the boundaries that your body allows you to do. Again, I can run 85 miles and feel amazing and PR a marathon, whereas some of my friends would fall apart and less mileage/more track work etc. works for them. You do you! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

  4. Ahhh, the social media trap. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid. I know I am a low mileage compared to so many others so sometimes it’s easy to feel inferior. I try not to as I know my shins get cranky real fast but it can be hard.

  5. Yes, it’s hard to avoid comparison! I try to remind myself that we’re all built differently. Honestly 40-50 mpw is about the max I have worked up to and I’m scared to do much more than that. I also have to remind myself that I do a lot of cross-training, at least 3 hours per week.

    1. You could definitely do more, it just takes time and experience. You also have to want to increase mileage and it’s just a huge commitment time wise. I have the free time to do it so I really enjoy the ultra training for now. Goes back to the whole YOU DO YOU thing! You’re doing great though, Rebecca. Keep it up! Thanks for being a faithful reader!

  6. Love the article. I agree about the benefits of increasing your mileage.
    As far as the social media trap is concerned; with me it is more what pace people are running at and what they might think of my pace! At the end of the day they probably couldn’t care less!

  7. Love the advice at the end about not comparing yourself. I just recently got started in running, and a lot of miles for me looks nothing like a lot of miles for my friend who’s been running for 2 years. Great post!

  8. Your marathon time is definitely impressive! Currently training for my first marathon and have found like you said that it is easy to fall into the social media trap, especially comparing your own running performance with others. I now stick to only being inspired by other people’s running and only compare my runs with my old runs to map my own progress.

  9. Great advice and this is so true!!! I’ve been testing this theory lately and not only am I recovering faster but I can definitely see a change in strength. My legs feel SO strong. It’s amazing what running more can do.

  10. I ran a PR mile on a short run today and was so excited, then saw videos on Instagram of someone running that pace for their long run. I let it burst my bubble until I found your post! Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. 🙂 Happy running!

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