Weekly Running Report.

Hello there! I am back from a long weekend. I didn’t even get to post my TGIFriday Faves (I know, who am I?) on Friday but I promise I’ll make it up to you this week. I have missed ya’ll!


That pic was from happy hour last week with my fellow Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. FUN group indeed!

So, let’s recap last week’s mileage, shall we? I got in 70.3 miles last week and have lived to tell you about it. Ha, that’s actually kind of a typical week for me lately, but I’m slowly building back up from my crazy 100 mile race not long ago. I’ve got a few races on tap for spring and summer (including a fun marathon girls trip to San Diego!) so should be a good time.

Monday lunch miles- 7.21 miles at an 8:40 pace for lunch. I love doing my lunch time runs because the gym that I work at is literally next door, so I can shower and go back to my 9-5. Which is also real close by. Hey! It’s a win win situation. Talk about convenience.

Monday PM- Quick 3.02 miles, 8:35 pace. Warming up before teaching a class after work.

Tuesday AM- 8.22 miles…catching up with some Irving Running Club peeps I hadn’t seen in a while. Good times. We love our shoe pics.


Tuesday PM- Warming up before teaching a class again. Kind of slow-ish easy 3.02 miles, 9:23 pace. Legs felt tired.

Wednesday AM- 10.11 miles around the lake in the morning, 8:58 pace. Ran with my neighbor for 7 and then finished the rest on my own.

Thursday AM- 7.12 Irving Running Club miles. I kind of love that we meet at the coffee shop because I run up until the shop opens. Caffeine and running, match made in heaven.

Thursday PM- 4.11 miles after work, took a half day to drive to Houston to see about family matters. I literally need some run time before being in the car with my mother for a long period of time. I love her, but you feel me.

Friday & Saturday- Road tripping and REST. I had some wonderful meals fueling for Sunday’s marathon though. Thank you FitFuel in Houston. Hello, grass fed sirloin with egg whites and sweet potatoes. Good gracious that was delicious.


Sunday- Paced the Cowtown Marathon. And then ran a mile and some change back to my car! HA. Anyway, most of you know I paced 4:30 last year at the Irving Marathon. I actually LOVE being a pacer! Helping others reach their goals through running is a wonderful thing. It’s my little way of giving back to the community.


And there you have it!


How was your weekend? What did you do?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. Man that sirloin looks amazing. We had a big race this past weekend and I saw requests for pacers a few weeks back. I thought about jumping in but was worried I would run into challenges or not be able to pace accordingly. Never paced a race before. But I know they are hugely helpful to so many runners so I’d like to do it some day.

    1. Indeed they are helpful! But yes it really helps confidence wise if you have paced before, which I have several times. And each time it becomes more rewarding to help people out especially first time marathoners. I always meet some incredible people from all walks of life every time I do it.

  2. Great work! All I did was homework, and got the chance to sneak in a run on Sunday outside. Thinking about my Hawaii trip in May! I’m running a race called Ekiden Music Relay . If you ever go out to Hawaii, you should consider running that. I’ve ran it three times already : )

      1. Cool! Along with Ekiden Relay, there is Hapalua Half Marathon, Hibiscus Half Marathon/15k/5Mile, Honolulu Marathon, and many more. I use to be stationed there for 3 years, so i got the full feel of the running community there, and the other islands.

      2. Sweet! I’ve done them both, and both are great. Maui has two! One in January, and another in October. I loved Honolulu Marathon more, because of the Japanese runners! They come out wearing crazy costumes, and also there is more to see along the course like Hawaii Kai, Diamond Head, Koko Head, and a little of downtown Honolulu. Both Maui runs are straight shot, and the race director is awesome! He’s also the director for Lake Tahoe, which is sweet, but Lake Tahoe Marathon is a totally different topic ♡

        Hope you have a great day!

  3. Greta week Chelsea…70 miles a couple weeks after a 100 miler and paced a marathon for fun…wow, that is awesome…i wont complain about my 47 miles that finished with one of my worst 15 mile runs in recent history!! But, overall it was a good week…I’m working my through the Hansons plan and learning a lot! Half-Marathon coming up on Saturday. Have a great week!

  4. Glad I got to see you before Cowtown, looks like you came in right on the money! I ran the full with a couple of friends and we had fun singing along to my friend’s music plus the bands on the course. It was a great way to spend a Sunday!

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