Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to you! Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I am back to recap an awesome week of running last week! I was able to squeeze in just over 75 miles, got some strength workouts in and taught my classes. But let’s talk running!

Monday AM- 7.15 miles at lunch. The weather was nice and warm and breezy. I love my lunch time runs because it enables me to ease on into the work week after a weekend of usually back to back running or racing. This was a nice recovery type of run.

Monday PM- 3.01 miles, just getting the legs warmed up before I taught a class at the gym.

Tuesday AM- 12.22 miles, easy pace with some hill work thrown in. I ran with my running club and then added on a little at the end. I’ve been bringing my change of clothes and gym bag to the club run now so I can go straight to work after. It works out really well and definitely saves time. The gym that I teach at is fairly close to my 9-5 job so it’s perfect. Sit in the sauna a bit, shower and off to work. Perfection.

Tuesday PM- Quick 3.02 warm up before job number 2 for the day.

Wednesday AM- 6 a.m. run with my neighbor and his pup in our local park, 10.05 miles total.

Wednesday PM- 3.05 miles. I was all about the short 3 mile progression runs after work this week apparently. It’s a nice way to get the legs moving after a long work day.

Thursday AM- IRC run and then some. 10.01 miles total. One of my trail buddies that was crew for Rocky 100 came out to run with us…great catching up with him. Love this crazy group.

Thursday PM- 2.02 miles, all I had time for before teaching a spin class that night.

Friday- REST DAY

Saturday- Long run day, 16.06 miles most of it with my homegirl Tracy. We got an early start, saw the sunrise and I got some delicious coffee after. All was right in the world.

Sunday- 9.32 miles at the Wine Down Relay in Ft. Worth with Tracy. We ran fairly even loops, finished the 18 miles total in 2 hours and 30 minutes and made it to the top 10 overall finishers.

Out of 71 relay teams! I wish that they would have split up the 2 person vs 4 person relay groups so we would have won an award. But hey, wine at the finish line will definitely make up for it.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Have you ever done a relay? How did you like it?
Yes, I’ve done 1 other relay before which was overnight on a trail. Lots of fun indeed!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. Planning a relay race next fall. Trying to organise and motivate my coworkers to get a 6 person team for an ekiden marathon. As I understand it it’s 10k×2, 5k×3, +7.2k at the end. Now if I can just get everyone to start training!! 😊

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