Weekly Running Report.

I hope you are having a marvelous Monday! I am here to recap last week’s running on mileage Monday. Just over 81 miles last week! That’s the most I have done in quite a while. I should be good and ready for Hachie 50 in May! Plus a few other spring races that I have on tap.

Let’s get to it!

Monday AM- 7.21 miles at a 8:43 pace. It was a nice and beautiful spring day with all of the flowers blooming. Perfect way to kick off the work week.

Monday PM- 3.02 mile cool down enjoying the sunset after I taught a class at the gym. I kind of am loving the evening runs with the extra touch of daylight. Lots of folks out enjoying and it is always fun to people watch.

Tuesday AM- 11.05 mile run with the Irving Running Club. I always do a few miles with them and then finish up on my own. Since no one is crazy enough to do 11 miles with me I always end up on my own. HA. But it’s all good!

Wednesday AM- 8.28 easy miles solo in the ‘hood. Pretty overcast skies with the sounds of the city.

Wednesday PM- 3.03 miles before the gym. Pretty uneventful, was just killing time on this side of town before a 7:15 pm class. And of course, because it was wine Wednesday. I’m just saying.

Thursday AM- 10.12 miles at the early morning run club run. Taking it very easy. The runs towards the end of the week were super humid. Of course they were. It’s springtime in Texas!

P.S. Running 10 miles in the morning makes you do crazy things like eat an abundance of sushi for lunch. You have been warned.

Thursday PM- 4.02 miles before the gym! I had a little more time before teaching a class so decided to get it in.

Friday- REST DAY. I traveled with my trail running club to Oklahoma on this day to do a FREE race, the DanMan Challenge. We camped out at the ranch on Friday evening and ran the race on Saturday.

Saturday- 26.22 miles at the DanMan Challenge. So this guy, out of the kindness of his heart invites a bunch of trail runners to his property to run, you can choose from either a 10k/half marathon, marathon, or 50 miler. He is a runner as well (of course). Then afterwards there is a big party on his ranch with BBQ! Ya’ll, it was the most fun at a race I think I’ve ever had in life. Can’t wait to run it again next year. Of course this was just a training run for my ultra next month but I absolutely loved it. Trail running will always and forever have a place in my heart.

And this incredible woman, Maryann, who is 80 something years young also completed the marathon that day! Talk about #goals.

Sunday- 8.21 recovery miles with of course a RUNfie break. Because, why not.

And that’s a wrap!

How was your weekend? Tell me about your long run and/or racing adventures!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. another great weekly recap and love the idea of that race, what a great idea and so generous of the owner of the ranch!

  2. girl you are seriously inspiring. i need to figure out a way to get more miles in! hopefully in six months that will change for the better and i’ll have more time. 🙂

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