5 Reasons to Enjoy Running in the Rain.

So I don’t know about you, but down in Texas it is that time of year where it is getting warm and muggy especially in the afternoons. Since I’ve grown up here I’m basically used to the intense humidity in the spring and summertime. And of course with running, the best way to avoid training in the thick of it is to run in the early mornings! The humidity for the most part is the same but it is definitely cooler in the earlier parts of the day.

And along with humidity comes the rain! April showers bring May flowers or something like that. Well, in Texas it’s more like April showers bring some more May rainstorms! Gotta love the rain. Here are 5 reasons you should not skip your run if you see those little droplets outside.

1. Running in the rain can be peaceful. There is something so liberating to me about running in the rain. Some days you just need those days to zen out on those rainy runs.

2. What happens when you run in the rain? You get wet. Big deal. Nuff said.

3. It makes you stronger mentally when facing such conditions…and preps you for cases like racing in the rain. Sure, racing in the rain is not ideal but at least you will be ready in the scenario that it happens. And yes, you can do speed workouts in the rain. Mind over matter. Man up.

4. It cleans your muddy running shoes! CAN I GET AN AMEN?

5. Splashing in the puddles can be fun. Makes you feel like a kid again.

What are some reasons you enjoy (or don’t enjoy…I don’t discriminate let it all out) running in the rain?

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22 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Enjoy Running in the Rain.

  1. I really don’t run in the rain unless I get caught in it. We’ve had nothing but cold rain lately (40+rain=not fun) and if/when it finally warms up, it seems like there’s always lightning too.

  2. we run in the rain so much we have different types of rain to run in!! i think in March, of my 22 runs, there was 1 that wasn’t in the rain…we definitely get our share of running in the rain in Seattle, but we got coffee too 🙂

  3. Sometimes it’s bliss, sometimes it’s hell. Nothing better than a downpour when your on the edge of collapse. Nothing worse than driving sideways rain when your on the edge of collapse. I have gained some of my best times in a beautiful misty rain with the sun trying to come out just behind. Refreshing showers are the best!!

  4. There was a time a few years ago that I remember thinking I’ve never felt so alive as that moment – running in the rain. Maybe I was just more present in that exact moment I’m not sure. But it was awesome.

  5. I live in Hawaii, before that Florida, so I love me some rain! I hate going out when it’s raining though – I prefer it to start raining after I’ve run about 5 steps!

  6. You are so right last year we had our driest on record in 115 years and I ran part of 1 km in a light shower while training for my 1/2. That day we had a post-tropical storm and all the ladies (sole sisters race) did our half marathon under a heavy rainfall advisory. It wasn’t that bad I honestly couldn’t believe how it was coming down on the way home. I think it was worse for my cheer squad than it was for me!

  7. I like the idea of running in the rain, but as a practical matter, running in the rain doesn’t work well with glasses. If I know it’s going to rain my vision isn’t so bad that I’m going to be in danger running on paths without glasses, but my phone’s weather prediction is pretty bad.

  8. I love this, so many people think running or walking in the rain as a huge crisis, and here I am like ” this is the absolute BEST time to walk or run!”

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