How to Train in Summer Conditions, as Told by Beyonce.

Well, it’s that time of year again. That time when the only way to get through training for a race is to get up at the butt crack of dawn and bust out those miles before it gets too crazy hot outside. That time of year where you’re drenched in sweat by the end of your run and you are drinking h2o all day every day by the gallon. I know especially here in Texas or anywhere the south…dealing with humidity mixed with heat is a whole ‘nother ball game! So here are some ways you can handle running in summer conditions, like a boss. Like a Beyonce boss, to be exact.

-Ok, my sweet night owls. If you really want to get some solid training in, accept the fact that it may require some days that you will have to get up early to run. So say GOODBYE to watching Jimmy Fallon or whatever your late night favorite talk shows are. Also happy hour with friends and going out on a week night till midnight? Um, yeah. Big no no.

Stay properly hydrated, even when you are not running. I keep a huge bottle of agua at my desk and sip sip sip all day long. It makes a huge difference in the long run.

Be sure that your runs are based on your EFFORT, as opposed to always about your pace. I know how easy it is to get stuck on the numbers game…especially if you are looking at other runners on social media. Your pace in the summer may be a little different than it is in the winter or in the cooler parts of the spring time. Just trust the process and know come fall when it cools off a bit you are going to be happily rocking that speed.

Know that it will take some time to get your body acclimated to running in the summer heat. Just be patient, be consistent and give it time. Sooner or later those runs that you are dreading will feel like it aint no thang.

And just remember, you may have runs that just plain suck sometimes. Not every run is going to be amazing and sometimes in the summer you just feel like POO. But, no matter how fast you go you are always lapping someone on the couch. So chin up, flip your hair and keep it moving. That is what bosses do.

How do you deal with training in summer conditions?

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