Random Running Rants.

So I know we are always talking about running and how oh so amazing it is but today I thought I would throw out a few random rants and such I’ve experienced on the run. The struggle is real, am I right? It’s all a part of this beautiful running journey. So allow me to share some random rants in no particular order. Hopefully you will be able to relate.

That feeling when…

It’s so humid during your run your shorts start sticking to your legs. Gotta love that sweat in abundance.

You are just drinking all the water and water has never ever tasted so good ever in life. Even the nasty water out of the local park water fountain. H20 bliss.

You say ‘ON YOUR LEFT’ to the walker and they just do not want to move over. Thanks for nothing, neighbor.

You are at mile 5 into an 8 mile run and it just feels like you have been running for an eternity.

The only motivation to getting up that hill is knowing there is iced coffee waiting for you at the end of it.

Flies/bugs/gnats everywhere. Flying in my mouth and onto my sweaty skin. I know this doesn’t just happen in Texas. Hashtag summer in the south.

Some runner is inching up and about to pass you along your route. It’s either pick it up and start running faster (hello instant tempo run) or let him or her go ahead and pass you. Yeah, because they aren’t running nearly as long as me today. CLEARLY.

You do the infamous ‘runner nod’ to the person running in the opposite direction. Because we just get each other.

You wave or say ‘HELLO’ to a fellow neighbor out on a stroll or run and they give you a blank stare like you are basically insane. Good stuff.

Ladies (or men, hey who’s judging) when cars whistle or honk at you…thanks, total creeper.

Or when someone actually yells at you while running…”it’s working girl, it’s working”. Well thanks not sure what ‘IT’ is exactly but I guess I’ve got it.

What are some random rants you have while on the run?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

23 thoughts on “Random Running Rants.

  1. Totally hate the honks and yelling I used to get when I ran in the morning. I even had guys hanging out of the windows before. I get that I’m a ginger with a big butt, but come on, it just makes me want to hit you!

  2. No flies and not on a run but damn gnats the past two weeks on an evening bike ride. Come home with them stuck on my sweaty arms and a few in my mouth. Nasty.

    Any group 4-wide on a path or trail. Cmon people.

  3. Lol I laughed at this. Here in Greece the roads are pretty narrow and I’ve almost been run over like 2 times. But there’s always this one moment before when you’re actually negotiating if it’s worth stopping your run. Cause you’re that passionate.

      1. Yeah, I guess it kind of is 🙂 Although I’m used to it now and sometimes I forget to appreciate it. I’ll try! 🙂

  4. This past two week my biggest running rant is my gut, which has completely revolted and started a revolution in my abdomen. I am doing 15 mile long runs but have to plan for 5 to 6 bathroom breaks. I know, TMI for most people, but not for runners. Ugh. I’m working on solving it!

  5. totally relate to all of this. I hate when they don’t nod or smile back!

    How about when a bee will not leave you alone!!!! On my last half marathon, where I was going as slow as a turtle, this bee just kept circling me for like 30 minutes!!!!!!!

    or when you get all the spider webs all over you over and over through your whole run

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