4 Ways Having a Running Buddy Can Up Your Running Game.

So I thought today we’d discuss a few reasons why some of you need a running buddy in your life. I know. We all crave and need our alone time from time to time. But if you are finding that your workouts are becoming stale you may need a running friend to up the ante a bit. Here are a few reasons why having a buddy can help you up your game.

1. Accountability. I don’t know about you but there are days when I personally am just not feeling it. Yes, I am a high mileage runner and I LOVE my solo miles but some mornings I would rather sleep in. Having a friend (a reliable one) that you know will meet you at the crack of dawn to crank out the miles will make you want to hop out of bed and hop right to it. Believe it.

2. Motivation to go the distance and/or run faster. Some days being out on your own can just feel like you are pounding out the miles at that same ol same easy pace. Find a friend that is just a touch faster than you and those miles will definitely just start flying by.

3. Safety in numbers. Getting up so super early in the morning can be tough and a lot of the routes and streets in neighborhoods tend to be somewhat dark. That is not always easy or safe to do alone. So grab a buddy or a running group and go explore some routes that you otherwise would not explore solo. Be sure to grab a flashlight or headlamp if you are running in darker areas without street lights.

4. Healthy competition. I am actually the biggest advocate of always YOU VS. YOU. But if you find a friend that is confident in their running ability it can be fun from time to time to have a little healthy competition. Go hit the track with your buddy and see who can bust out the fastest 800s. High five each other on a job well done. Running buddies that support each other are absolutely the best buds to have.

Do you have a true blue running buddy? What are your favorite things about your running bud (or buds?)

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

10 thoughts on “4 Ways Having a Running Buddy Can Up Your Running Game.

    1. Thank you Steve! I’m in Dallas not Houston so we are safe here!! I don’t think you northerners realize how big Texas is LOL. JK. The weather is beautiful today 🙂 Have a great day!!

  1. Totally agree with all of these!! If I didn’t have the hubs, I would’ve stopped at 17 on Saturday and not got 18 miles in!!

    I used to have a good sized group of runner buds, but it has dwindled to, ummm 2!! They have either quit due to injury or just decided they didn’t want to participate anymore??!!

    1. AWW well you are very lucky to have him! Yes it can be hard to find some true blue running partners that don’t fall off the wagon. I am very blessed to have more than a few in my life for sure.

  2. Yes! I used to have tons of running buddies and it was great for running and for a happy life! Sadly, I moved to Minneapolis three years ago and have had a really hard time finding consistent running friends in my neighborhood. I definitely feel lucky for the years and years of great running support I did have!!

  3. Six years ago, I ran my first marathon with a friend. She’s retired a year later because of bunions and I miss her dearly. But I’m so excited because at the race where I’m running the full, she’s “coming out of retirement” to run the half marathon. I’m crossing my fingers that this means we’ll be able to run together soon!

    1. I’m honestly still both (side effects of being an only child LOL) but I find that I very much love the social/motivational aspect of having buds as well. The community is so important!

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