5 Ways to Conquer the Morning Run.

I was up and at ‘em this morning for some early miles with my run club crew. 11 miles done before 7 a.m. is always a good morning. It was one of those runs where the miles literally flew by because we were so busy gabbing and laughing away. Plus temps in the 60s made things much more fun with a nice cool-ish breeze out!

I know I’ve done lots of morning run type posts but with the arrival of fall very soon I thought it would be a good time to motivate some of my night time peeps to make their way over to the dark/early bird morning side. Here are a few ways you can motivate yourself and give yourself the will to get up early and knock it out.

1. Set 2 alarm clocks. I actually set 2 clocks, 1 kind of early-ish and one about 5 to 10 minutes later. It helps if you have also a somewhat annoying alarm clock, because it will annoy the heck out of you and you will jump out of bed because you are just over it. HA. Or maybe set your alarm to an energizing sound to wake you up. Also get to bed in a timely manner – I feel like that part goes without saying.

2. Be prepared the night before. I have a bag that I pack with my work clothes in it because after our club runs I go straight to the gym to shower and get ready for the day. If you are prepped ahead of time (set your running clothes out too) there is no room for excuses.

3. Set your coffee pot to start making coffee early or have a small bite to eat in the morning to wake you up. Whether it’s coffee or a cereal bar for some reason having something like that I can focus on in the morning makes me a little excited to get up & get the miles in.

4. Turn on a podcast or some energizing music while you’re working your way out the door. For some reason just hearing some noise, like other people talking, wakes me up in the morning so it’s not dead silent while I’m getting ready. It makes me feel like it’s later in the day than it really is. I realize not everyone can make NOISE in the morning (I do not have kids/family to disturb) but a little bit of noise goes a long way.

5. Realize that it is all truly a mindset. If you tell yourself come hell or high water that you are going to get up and get that run in chances are it is going to happen. Make a commitment to yourself that it is important, that you are important, and just make the run happen. It really is mind over matter. It also really helps to have fun peeps with you along for the ride.

What are some ways you like to conquer the morning run?

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12 thoughts on “5 Ways to Conquer the Morning Run.

  1. I completely agree with the two alarm clocks. I need one alarm clock to wake me up, and the other to convince me to get out of bed. Also, if I’m sleeping deeply, I sometimes hit my alarm clock off and have no recollection of doing so (this happens infrequently, but does happen).

    1. It’s all about your mindset! Aint nothin’ to it but to do it!! I know I will have some naysayers aka morning run haters but I’m just putting this post out there in hopes to one day convert you. You’re welcome!!

  2. If I’m feeling like I’m going to bail on my morning run or workout, I’ll check out my Strava feed or Instagram for inspiration. Seeing people out there crushing it is usually enough to make me get up and get out!

  3. Multiple alarms is super helpful, and if you don’t care about the quality / taste of your coffee much you can brew it the night before and just microwave it in the morning to save on time. Nice post!

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