Random Thoughts Thursday.

It’s is that time of the week again! Random rants and thoughts Thursday. I do hope you enjoy my randomness as much as I love writing it. Soo herrrre we go!!

-Is it just me or has this week been insanely long? For some reason today feels a lot like a Friday. Come on weekend…hopefully this work day will just fly by.

-Mornings have been pretty dark out for my early runs which makes it that much harder to get out of that warm and cozy bed in the a.m. Thankfully I have running buddies waiting on me for the miles so the accountability factor has been on point. Thank goodness for running buddies as crazy as me.

-With the arrival of fall very soon I am starting to think it is time for another hair color change. Perhaps wine color, or some cognac colored streaks? Debating. We shall see.

-Don’t get me wrong, I think rompers are fun to wear and I actually think I look good in them but –going to the ladies room with one on is just kind of awkward? Am I right ladies? Nuff said.

-I went to a super fun foodie Yelp event last night and it was definitely just what I needed to break up the monotonous work week. I tell you what I am ready for Grapefest this weekend and to have some more fun with good peeps. Much needed.

-I am back on the dating scene (yes me and runner bae broke up a while back – please do not pity me, it was a necessary break up) and I have to say it is very interesting dating in your 30s. I am enjoying it so far though. And actually meeting more guys while out than really online. Gotta love those random chance encounters.

-Being single and back on the dating scene again means I have more time for my real BAE…which is running high mileage. Clearly. Preserving the sexy.

-Do you ever have songs you just never get tired of?? For some reason I never get tired of the song Truffle Butter. That is random I know.

-Pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks…and while I do not really like the latte version of this drink I think you should try it as an almond milk MISTO. Basically it is just steamed almond milk, coffee, and tell them to add just 2 pumps of the P.S. You’re welcome in advance.

Any randomness to share today? What song do you never get tired of?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. Ok I have to ask where you are meeting single 30 somethings in life? I’m single again and would prefer to avoid the online this time, I just want to meet someone in person, but I’ve been finding it really tough, I only seem to come across women or married men when I’m out:(

    1. Ohh great topic!! Definitely recommend joining running clubs & such, where I live has a ton of young professionals so I just happen to be very lucky. All of my neighbors are of similar age & status so we just all hang & have a blast!! But online dating works if u don’t have those options. Also check out meet up groups, they even have specific groups for single folk. Best of luck!! Sometimes the universe just randomly puts people in your life & that is always the best 😊

      1. I’m thinking you must live in an urban area. I’m starting to think part of the problem is that I live in the suburbs and the second part is that all of my close friends are paired off already:(
        I’m holding out hope that the universe has a plan in mind for me! 🤣

  2. LOL at the “Living Single” meme with the girls going to the club, Regine getting several drinks thrown on her new “one of a kind” dress, and Max’s “man”, Goldie (“The funny thing is the cops forgot to read me my rights”). What did Sinclaire called herself on Kyle’s phone when she was pretending to be Max’s sister? Was it Shabuda? I know what I plan to spend the rest of my work day doing?

    As you can tell, I am a big “Living Single” fan.

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