Spring and Summer Races on Tap.

Spring and summer without a doubt are my favorite seasons to train and race some shorter, faster races. So I have a few distances (including a couple of ultras) I plan on tackling within the next few months!! Here are a few items I have on my calendar, so far.

Cowtown 50k – Sunday, February 25th / Ft. Worth, Texas: Technically this one is still in the winter, but it is UP NEXT on the calendar. I am so excited to be PACING this race this year! As some of you know, last year I paced the marathon distance and this year I will be tackling the 50k (31 miles) Pacing is a whole different type of animal, but I’ve been fortunate to be able to pace various distances over the last several years. This will be the first time I’ve paced beyond 26.2 miles though. So, I’m very excited to be able to help some runners conquer their goals! And yeah, earn a glass of wine or 2 while I’m at it.

Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon— Sunday, March 25th / Dallas, TX: This race is kind of a staple on my race calendar every year. I absolutely love how organized the Rock n Roll race series in general is, and they always have the best runner swag and medals. If medals are your thing, I definitely recommend you find a Rock n Roll race in your area to run. They are just a blast. There’s bands all along the course to rock out to as well as a great post race party. Definitely cannot wait to run this one.

Danman Trail Race- Marathon— Saturday, April 7th / Madill, OK: I talked a bit about my experience running this one last year. Basically, there’s an awesome guy that has a ranch and tons of land out in Oklahoma and he invites all of the runners to run a race on his property. You can choose shorter distances like 10k, there’s also a half/full/and 50 mile race. ALL FREE. Yes, you read that right! Free. Plus he cooks food and you can camp out the night before and bring tents and such. So my trail run group goes out there and it is just one big freakin’ party. Gotta love it. This year I will run 26.2 out there on the trails.

Hachie 50 Miler— Saturday, May 5th / Waxahachie, TX: This is a newer race that I’ve kept on my schedule recently. This race was also my very 1st 50 miler 2 years ago. I love it because the field is fairly small which is great because usually I win some type of award (top female overall last year). It’s a paved, looped course which I actually enjoy because I get to see my friends over and over, and the course is fairly shaded plus there plenty of aid stations. And, you can’t beat an ultra close to home.

Hell’s Half Acre 25K— Saturday, July 7th / Ft. Worth, TX: I’m excited to have this one on the calendar! I’ve been wanting to do more HOT summer races just to test my stamina and this one should prove to be a good one. It is a 3 mile looped course and there’s also a 50k but I’d like to work on my speed so 25k should do the trick. Plus I need a new 25k PR (the only 25ks I’ve run have been on trails) so let’s see what I’m capable of.

Of course, I may throw a couple more races in the mix (I’ve got my eye on some more TRAIL stuff) but this is what is on tap so far! I’m still looking at marathons for the fall. Wineglass in NY as well as Revel Big Cottonwood in Utah are both calling my name. Decisions, decisions. Then, I’ve already signed up for my 2nd 100 miler in DECEMBER. Woo freakin’ hoo.

What races are on tap for your spring and summer?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

17 thoughts on “Spring and Summer Races on Tap.

  1. I started following you from Randy’s blog! My races… Oak Island 5K and Myrtle Beach Half Marathon. Also the Savannah Women’s Half Marathon 5K. I’m more of a short distance girly myself. Love that you have a good variety and also some fun distances in there. I have never even heard of a 25K!

    1. HAHA right?! I think 25k is more like a trail type of distance but there are some road 1s too. Trail races sometimes have ODD distances like 52k, 108k etc. And I LOVE it!! It’s the rebel in me 😉

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