10 (Frivolous) Reasons to Go for a Run.

Hey…I know running is amazing for your body mind and soul. There are some days you NEED to get that run in simply for your own sanity! So, today I am going to list way too many (frivolous) reasons why you need to go for a run. Right now. At lunch. In a few hours. Tonight! Whatever suits your fancy. And some of them are silly reasons! So let’s just get to it.

1. To get a TAN. Yes, that is one of the main reasons why I like running in the summer. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

2. Because you want to BEAT the time (or distance) on your last run. So, your last run was 5.02 miles? Let’s see if we can make it 5.03. Why? Just cuz it feels good to run a little more sometimes.

3. To feel the dirt underneath your feet. Actually sometimes I go do trail runs for the sole reason of feeling a different type of terrain under my feet. Especially after doing so much dang road running, sometimes the soft trail just feels amazing to the body.

4. The work day was just insane and everything went wrong and now you need to blow off a little steam. I tell you what there is nothing like running after a stressful day at work. Sometimes that is all I need to turn the day around.

5. To earn that margarita at happy hour. I’m not judging.

6. To run off the margarita you had at happy hour. Also not judging (plus running after having a drink or two can be kind of interesting – not that I’ve done that, not at all)

7. To go have a gab fest with your runner girlfriends. Nuff said.

8. To get your butt up earlier in the morning so you can run early and then have some coffee at your favorite local coffee shop afterwards.

9. To break in a new pair of fresh running kicks. I am in love with these pink ones.

10. Because you want to get to the top of the leaderboard of your run club on Strava. HEY…there is no harm in that. We all need a little healthy competition every now and again. While you’re at it, find me on there and let’s be friends!

What are some (frivolous) reasons why you would go for a run?! 

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

20 thoughts on “10 (Frivolous) Reasons to Go for a Run.

  1. To recover from a day with 24 children and to rub the high school girls faces in what I look like now (I know completely immature, but seeing their jaws drop is worth it🤣🤣)

  2. I cannot run after a drink or two, because who stops after two drinks.

    I got back into running for a random reason. I used run cross country and track in high school and my first year of college. Well . . . my first month of college, it was way too freakin hot to run cross country in New Orleans humidity. Jump 12 years later in NYC. I used to ride my bicycle to work, crossing two steep bridges. Before going to work one morning, I found that my bike tires were flat. Rather than dealing with changing the tires, I decided to run to work. So my frivolous reason to run was to avoid changing bike tires.

      1. Fun!! I was the dork in high school that wrote for the newspaper and in the choir. Did some girly sports like dance. So running is my grown up people hobby. 🙂

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