2018 Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap.

Here it is!! Race recap time. I hope you enjoy reading race recaps. I like to separate my weekly running reports from the recaps because in my compartmental cray cray mind it makes sense. So, if you missed the weekly recap from earlier feel free to catch up and click here!

Let’s talk about the Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon!! I have done this race so many times my eyes kind of go cross eyed when I talk about it. We have gone though course changes, logistical changes and expo changes with this race in Dallas in the last several years. But somehow I keep going back, again and again! I really do for the most part love how organized Rock n Roll races have been over the years. Yes, part of me does wish that RnR Dallas also had a full marathon option. That said, the half distance in the spring for me is always a great speedy tune up going into summer training and ultra & trail racing. And you know I love me some ultras. BUT I do love to run a little faster from time to time! Hey, ultrarunners run half marathons too.

So, this year I was a tad tardy for the party and decided to sign up for this race EXTREMELY last minute. The email even came in saying registration was about to be closed and everything. But, I made it and was able to secure my spot. I’m pretty sure I was probably the last person in creation to sign up. Gotta love it.

I got my stuff at the expo and was good to go. I love the Sportstats cheers where they put your name up in big letters and bright lights! They know everyone takes pics of this for social media, ha. Good call.

Sunday morning I made my way to the race site! I’m thankful for the DART rail train system because it is super close to my place and takes me straight to the start area. Win win. I arrived about an hour or so early, met up with friends and took pics. We took off at 8 am, with a light mist of rain and mostly cloudy skies, tons of humidity but a nice breeze. The cloud cover was definitely on my side.

This course winds around some fun parts of Dallas, including Deep Ellum which is a cool eclectic part of town, winds up a steep bridge and goes into the Bishop Arts District and through Kessler park area up a crazy random intense hill. After that the race for the most part is flat, but the hill at mile 9 or so is a real BEAST! Since I’ve done this race so many times I knew it was coming. I braced myself for the hill that a ton of people power walked and hiked. I decided I was going to just steadily run it and it worked out in my favor! We then go back off into downtown and the race does this downhill on into the finish which I loved. I think my last lil mile split to the finish was something like a 6:40 mile! It felt amazing to finish so strong.

1:47:32 finish which for me was the fastest time on that course (course PR) and definitely faster than last year! Hey, I will take every bit that I can get. Not bad for signing up for a last minute race.

Afterwards I celebrated with friends and we had some delicious eats after and lots of fun pics were taken. I was so glad to be able to run this race this year with so many of my friends on the course. Whether they were running, or volunteering or just cheering at the finish…it was so cool to look back and see all of the friendships I’ve made in the Dallas community over the years. I think I was smiling from ear to ear when I approached that finish line. I just love this community of supportive people in my life, that get my crazy obsession and love for this incredible sport.

Thank you, Rock n Roll Dallas for yet another joyride.

How was your Sunday funday? What do you love the most about the running community?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

18 thoughts on “2018 Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon Recap.

  1. I did a 9 mile run and a Tough Mudder over the weekend. I love the supportiveness of the running community. No matter how modest your goals may seem to the faster people in the group they are so encouraging!

      1. Oh I’m enjoying the online communities I’m part of:)
        I wanted to try November Project while I was off, but it’s an hour away and starts at 6 so I just don’t think it’s going to happen:(

  2. “Tardy for the party” made me giggle! Great race! Also, living in the Denver area makes me really appreciate public transportation so YAY for the convenience!

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