Thoughts on the Run, Spring Edition.

Oh yes, shorts weather! Running shorts all day everyday. Gotta love springtime in Texas. Goodbye gloves and layers upon layers of clothing.

I can’t imagine wearing layers in this thick Texas humidity. I would probably suffocate.

Speaking of suffocation, how do people wear those sauna suits while they workout? They must want to die the entire time.

So humid. Can’t breathe.

But at least there’s a nice little breeze to make things feel a little bit more manageable.

-So thankful for running friends. 5 AM runs in 1000 percent humidity just would not be as much fun solo.

Did I say it was humid? I’m not sure if I did.

Okay, running friends, stop trying to make me run faster. I just want to settle into this comfy pace and not hate life as much. Comfy pace is where it’s at.

-Okay, I guess I’ll run a little faster, we are almost done.

-8 minute miles? That definitely felt like a 6:40 pace in this sauna.

Sweaty sweaty mess. Why did I wear this thick cotton shirt. I just want to take everything off.

-Okay, done and done. I want all of the lime cucumber gatorade and all of the water. And maybe a beer.

-7:30 AM is definitely too early for beer. I’ll make a mental sticky note to have one later, after work.

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What are some of your thoughts on the run!?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

13 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Run, Spring Edition.

  1. Springtime running thoughts for Pennsylvania:
    “Why am I still brushing snow off my car? It’s almost April.”
    “I’d rather run outside that the treadmill, but I’m tired of wearing tights and thick gloves.”
    “It will never be warm again.”

  2. I wish I was wearing shorts! Still in wool from head to toe and the humidity here is called a downpour. I ran through lakes yesterday!

  3. Spring running thoughts from Oregon:
    OMG the sun, its amazing I haven’t seen it in 4 months, must. be. outside. now!
    5 min later…..wait where did the sun go? Why is it raining again??
    Where did this wind come from?
    OMG the sun!!!!!!
    and repeat.

  4. If it’s the least bit warm or humid out and I see a runner wearing long sleeves or leggings, I can never believe how they’re able to function. I get SO hot SO fast! Mostly on runs I think about what food I am going to eat that day. 🙂

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