Runner Hacks That Will Make Life Easier.

So I was reading an article on Women’s Running about the truth about having “the same 24 hours” that I absolutely loved. It really was great breakdown about the fitspo type of culture that we live in and I recommend you give it a quick read. But it got me to thinking about some of the things that I personally do – in MY 24 hours – to make my running life a lot more manageable. Because let’s be honest, not all of us do have the same hours in a day but there are some things you can definitely do to carve out more time to squeeze those runs in. So I’ll share what I personally do, as someone with a career and a side hustle. Maybe it will help you, maybe it won’t! Maybe it will just be a fun read. Whatever. Ha. So here it goes.

Invest in your footwear. I mean seriously a lot of issues with people’s feet/gait/all of that have a lot to do with proper running shoes. Find an amazing shoe that works for you and your foot. It won’t always be what your runner BFF is wearing. Personally I love Brooks Pure Flow and have been a believer for over a year now. Before Brooks I swore by Asics, but I think my foot somehow has changed and I’m rolling with that. Anyway, I keep a few pairs of these in my rotation. For me, running shoes are an investment but it’s one that super important. So keep lotsa running shoes handy and change them up on different training runs. AND if you are looking to save some money – this site is incredible and has so many models drastically marked down.

Have some nutritious post run snacks/fuel/cold water bottle handy for after those early AM or sunset miles. I love to carry around things like fruit/nuts/dried edamame (my new favorite) and then my giant cold water bottle for after the run if I meet my buds so I can refuel in the car. That way I am not ravenous and can get my hydration on while on the go.

Every runner needs community. I say this as someone who is very much an introvert at times. As in, I get excited in just being alone and having alone time. And I actually LOVE running solo (blame the only child syndrome) – but have learned as I’ve gotten older how important having a running group is. Really you have no excuse to not find people who run where you live. You just have to be resourceful. Local running stores,, heck even search STRAVA and you will find your people. I am already am in way too many DFW running groups but I love it because I love to just bounce around and then it gives you an excuse to explore new areas. So yeah, get familiar, be social. Find friends that will push you and motivate you to accomplish your goals.

Structure your run around the time you have available. Sometimes if I’m doing a double run day – I don’t have a ton of time after work and before teaching a class at the gym so I will turn it into a speed or interval type of workout. Get the best bang for your buck in the time you have allotted.

What are some runner hacks that have made your life easier?

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19 thoughts on “Runner Hacks That Will Make Life Easier.

  1. I’m a huge believer in a shoe rotation. I usually have 4-5 pairs that I run in regularly. Community is so important. I don’t think there’s a better community than the running community, both in my town and on social media. Lots of support, encouragement, advice and LAUGHS.

  2. I love Brooks. I ran in them for the past few years but I need a little stability so I had to switch to New Balance Vongo which I also like, but not as much as my old early model Brooks Pure Connect and Pure Grit. I scoured the internet and even bought some used ones! I did buy a couple pair of the Pure Flow 6 as well. Good list here! Oh, btw , had a good run today! I’m coming back!

  3. Keeping a stash of Clif Bloks and Nuun tabs in the glove compartment of my car lol

    Also, yes to footwear!! I keep two different pairs of two different models in my rotation.

    Sidenote on that: I thought I had found my ‘perfect shoe,’ and then my ACTUAL perfect shoe found ME by surprise! Downside, I can’t get them anywhere in Canada. But I love them so much I made friends with the owner of my fave little Adirondack gear shop, so whenever I’m headed over, if they don’t have them in stock, he’ll order them in for me so long as I can give him enough notice. ❤ ❤ ❤

    On that note, I have a pair waiting for me at the REI in DC as I type this!! Cannot wait to put them on my feet!

  4. Love this list and agree whole-heartedly about the shoes! SO important! You just can’t run well in shoes that don’t fit well!

    I’d add to this that a game changer for me was learning more about the mechanics of running and also about how do actually do running ‘workouts’ instead of just running for distance/time like I had been in the c25k or 10k apps. For instance, playing with cadence and understanding turnover vs stride length has really helped me improve and remedied some issues I was developing. When I started really aiming for structured tempo runs or speedwork using a pace guide, I saw tremendous gains in my ability. Way more than I’d ever seen before. The ‘workouts’ may have been shorter but understanding more about them I began to see differences between quality and quantity – it’s made the time that I am out running more beneficial!


  5. Getting ready the night before and that old goodie- schedule them in so they don’t get pushed aside.
    I checked out the website, but they don’t have kids shoes:(

  6. Ooh I need new running shoes soon and although I’ve been wearing Saucony for a few years, I’ve really wanted to try out Brooks. I’ll look at that site and go for a fitting soon. Ha I love running solo and I’m one of 4 kids. 🙂 I’m moving back to NYC soon and actually hope to find a running group for one or two runs a week. I’ve never done that and might be fun!

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