Birthday Run and 34 Lessons in 34 Years.

So a few years ago when I started running ultramarathons…I began a tradition of running my age in miles on my birthday. It is definitely a FUN thing to do, and really a great time to reflect on the many blessings over the years. I started this run early, and ran loops through some of my most favorite parts of town. Definitely starting the run EARLY in the morning makes a huge difference, too! I started this run just before 5 am and was done just in time for birthday brunch and fun times in the sunshine.

Today I thought I’d share 34 lessons in the 34 years I’ve been on this wonderful earth. In no particular order…here it goes…

1. People aren’t always going to agree with you. That is the beauty of life. I’ve especially learned in the blogging world that we all have amazing insight to contribute and you don’t always know everything. I’m forever a student, learning something new. I feel like the minute you know everything and stop learning from people and experiences – is the moment you stop living.

2. Your everyday can take an unexpected turn in an instant. Enjoy the NOW. I have to continuously remind myself of this since I’m always moving onto or thinking about my next task. Being in the present is where it’s at.

3. Get by with a little help from your friends. In the last year especially with running my friends have really helped me enjoy running more, and have inspired me to become a better runner. I’m so thankful for that community. I’ve found MY PEOPLE, so to speak.

4. We all have a story to tell. Document things that are special in your life. Take pictures of everything. Relish in all the incredible memories that LIFE brings.

5. Throw the rules out the window. It is all about change and you need to be able to adjust and be resilient to the changes.

6. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool. Cultivate good things around you and fill your mind with good things and good thoughts.

7. You can always just do ONE MORE MILE. Or take one more step, or hold on for just a bit longer. Always.

8. Laugh – with friends, loved ones, laugh at yourself! Laughter is sometimes the most wonderful healer.

9. Don’t be fooled by someone’s green grass and pretty lawn and landscape. You don’t know what is in the house or under the foundation. People especially on social media, share only what they want you to know. Work on you and forget the rest.

10. You never know when someone needs to hear a kind word. I know sometimes I will think kind words about someone and not say it out loud. That just may be the one thing that helps that person get through their day.

11. It’s okay to let people in. To be transparent. To share your deep emotions. And it feels good sometimes to just let it out.

12. Be efficient with your time. Work smarter, not harder.

13. You don’t have to commit to all of the things.

14. Say NO – and mean it. Especially if it is something that you feel like is an obligation more than something you actually want to do.

15. Drink your water! I keep a big jug in my office and just sip sip sip all day long. It does wonders for not only your skin/body but your thinking!! Throw some cucumbers and lemon in it to spice it up.

16. Make a delicious meal in the beginning of the week you can eat off of for a few days to save time and money on dinner when evenings are busy. Like this one. Let me know how you like it.

17. Coffee is everything. So is wine.

18. A spa pedicure can sometimes turn your entire day around.

19. A POP OF COLOR usually makes all the difference.

20. A day of rest is never a day wasted. Do what you need to do to recharge the batteries.

21. If someone crosses your mind, check on them. My intuition is really good at stuff like this.

22. There’s no one size fits all approach to wellness. Do the things that keep your body and mind active and that will go a long way.

23. People are going to disappoint you. How wonderful it is that we all make mistakes. Okay – not mistakes, more like happy accidents. Ha.

24. Slow down. We are all going a thousand miles an hour in this fast paced world. Take the time to breathe and savor it all in.

25. Energies are very real. The good and the bad. Spend more time around the good and less around the draining.

26. There are some people that just come and go in life. Some folks have a specific chapter and purpose that they belong in and then, it’s time for them to go. That is perfectly okay.

27. Eat your greens. I try to include lots of spinach in my diet. Like Popeye! Love me some spinach.

28. Be thankful in all things big and small. I try to practice gratitude and being thankful everyday.

29. Get off of the beaten path. I’m all about the wanderlust. Getting outdoors really helps put things in perspective.

30. We make plans sometimes, and God laughs. Some days you just need to let all of those expectations go and just go with the flow.

31. Self promotion is overrated.

32. Turn off the Wi-Fi and talk to each other. Honestly, talking feels like a lost art in this generation. Really take the time to hear someone’s story and their thoughts on a subject.

33. Do the crazy thing that you can’t stop thinking about doing.

34. If you’re passionate – you will prioritize. Abso-freaking lately.

What are some lessons you’ve learned over the years?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

28 thoughts on “Birthday Run and 34 Lessons in 34 Years.

  1. WOW to both this epic post and that run – holy moly, 34 miles! So damn impressive. I have gotten so much better at many of these lessons, especially SAYING NO and LAUGH and PEOPLE WILL DISAPPOINT YOU. 🙂 A big one for me has been learning not to be afraid to try as hard as I can, and not worry about looking “desperate” at my effort or caring what people think about it. In other words, not being embarrassed about “trying too hard” at something, if that makes sense. And happy birthday!!!

    1. Absolutely!! Just doing what you love and being passionate and not giving a fu*k is where it’s at!! I think all of that gets better as u age like a fine wine too. 😉

  2. Very wise lessons. Loved your 34 insights!
    I think over my many years on this earth, I’ve learned not to be so hard on ,yself. Mistakes are natural and good tools for living and learning.

  3. I loved every single one of these.
    Along with ‘Say no – and mean it,’ one big lesson I’ve learned is it’s important to just stay true. To yourself and the important people around you. That means saying no when it doesn’t fit within the ‘stay true’ realm.
    Also, ‘Respectfully, give less F%#&s.’ Be confident in being you. And be respectful about it. People will respect you more in return.

    Lastly, a very happy birthday to you girl! 34 – a year to remember!

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