7 Ways to Spice Up a Solo Run.

I love doing my long runs and workouts with other runners, but some days you need to get in that run whether your buds can make it or not. Solo runs can be a fantastic thing for you mentally as well. It’s all about that mind + body connection!! So here are a few ways that I like to keep my runs spicy and fresh when I am rolling solo.

1. Chase the sun…literally run with the sunrise. It is kind of my favorite thing to do. I love starting in the dark and it slowly and progressively gets lighter outside. Plus, you have to have a photo for Strava? Duh. Yes, I am totally one of those people that has to have a Strava photo for every run. Even if it is like a snapshot of something random. It’s kind of my thing.

2. Run to some music you wouldn’t normally listen to! Some days I like reggae, other days country (I am from Texas after all). Switch up your music choices! What can I say, my taste in music is pretty eclectic. One time I even ran to jazz music. It was perfect for a relaxed run.

3. Use the time to brainstorm some creative ideas for an upcoming project. Honestly I do some of my best thinking while running. And for some reason my head is always super clear and I’m definitely more coherent (ha) after getting the miles in.

4. Count how many random things you find on the ground. LOL. Or something like that. On my double run day yesterday in the evening I saw a ton of empty liquor bottles. Sometimes I even see gift cards? It is the strangest thing.

5. Say hello to every person you see. It’s always interesting to see if they say hi back…or just stare at you blankly like you are the nutty one.

6. Run on the grass. Sometimes when I’m running on roads and get bored of pounding the pavement I will switch it up and run on the grass. It definitely does wonders for reducing the impact.

7. And of course…my FAVE – to start and end the run at either a coffee shop or brunch place where friends can meet you. Coffee, brunch, running…matches made in heaven.

What are some ways you like to spice up a solo run?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Spice Up a Solo Run.

  1. I’ve actually never run with anyone else – except maybe like 20 years ago when I ran with my then boyfriend who was much faster than me so that didn’t last. 🙂 I LOVE starting in the dark and then seeing it get lighter as I go. And music is key for me. A lot of times it’s just a matter of changing up my playlists a bit and adding a few songs I haven’t heard in a while. That can make all the difference. But I just love being by myself, in general. 🙂

  2. I can’t listen to unfamiliar music, I just can’t!

    I don’t say hello to every person I see, but I do wave. Where I live, almost everybody waves back. When I travel and run, I always forget that it isn’t like that everywhere in the world. Lots of people give me the look that tells me I’m crazy.

    1. LOL Yeah it depends on the neighborhood down here…some people in the more uppity parts don’t speak but there are lots of friendly country folks in Texas so most of the time, not a problem 🙂

  3. LOVE these tips! I agree- my favorite motivation is meeting someone for brunch or coffee at the end of the run! I will run pretty dang far for some goooood breakfast.

  4. Great tips! I run solo 100% of the time and I use the time to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I get so engrossed in the stories that the miles fly by.

    I also use a (probably fairly obvious) trick to spice up runs and that’s simply creating new routes using the Strava route builder or sites like ‘onthegomap’ to see where people are running outside of my neighborhood. I live between a couple of large-size cities so there’s always plenty of options to run on farm roads or through high-end neighborhoods (house browsing!) or through downtown areas if I’m willing to drive 10-20 minutes to run at a new place. Seeing new areas and also trying to not get lost always keeps me on my toes during a run. And like your suggestion to run on the grass, I will hit the trails and run on something non-technical to mix it up.

    I also count the things I see on the ground and often see gift cards too. I don’t always pick them up, but I do sometimes and actually found a $50 target gift last year on the street. I’ll take it!!! 🙂

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