Runner Hacks – Stashing Gear on the Go.

I don’t know about you but at times I need my essentials with me while going on a long run. Whether it’s my house key, phone, GU or what have you…I’m always looking for the next item to help make carrying items on the run a heck of a lot easier. So here are a few ways you can make sure you are good to go with music on your phone/GPS and keep rocking out those miles.

-Flip/spi belt: I have been the biggest advocate of belts for years when it comes to stashing ID/keys/gu or what have you. I think they are great especially for races when you need to stash your nutrition. Definitely comes in handy.


-Hydration pack or vest with compartments: My favorite hydration pack right now is the BCG ones from Academy Sports because they are not as pricey and also are very lightweight. I wore this one during the Possum Kingdom Lake 56k and it was perfect plus easy when I needed to switch out or refill water at aid stations. Definitely look into getting one if you run trails. They also have different sizes if you need one that carries more fluid. AND this one has some happy pockets with zippers. My favorite. Score.

-Lulu speed shorts with zipper in the back pocket: These shorts are my absolute fave right now. They last forever. Great quality. Plus I stash a few items in that back pocket and it holds tight when running.

-Sports bra with back pocket for phone: This will actually be my next sports bra purchase. One of my runner friends owns this bra and I’ve seen her go on like 16+ mile runs with that phone back there and it does not move. Love it.

What are are some ways you like to stash your gear on the go?

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8 thoughts on “Runner Hacks – Stashing Gear on the Go.

  1. I use a SPI belt for almost all of my runs, it holds my phone and ID easily! I also like to use hand-held water bottles for longer runs, I know one is Amphipod and I think the other one is Nathan. They both have pretty roomy pockets, not quite big enough for a phone but big enough for my keys and some gels/chews.

    That sports bra is awesome! The website says sold out, though, boo! I might have to keep an eye on it to get back in stock!

    1. They juuuust had an XS before I posted this…I must have gotten them a sale LOL but my girls are not that size anyway…yep I hear they stock back up pretty quick! Will keep an eye on it!

  2. In the summer on my long runs, I used to use a Camelbak that had loads of pockets and held like 2 liters of water. It was cool cause I’d ditch it on race day and that was like losing 6 pounds! 🙂

  3. I used to use a belt but it start aggravating my hips- I wore it super low. Now I just stash everything in my Orange Mud gear vest. Part of me loves the idea behind those sports bra but worries I would sweat too much.

    1. I cannot do the fuel belt with all of the little bottles of water on it…but yeah, love the spi belt because it’s lighter. Some people are built like a Kardashian and it holds up nicely…me, not so much. LOL I feel you though sis.

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