Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I’m here to recap some miles from last week!! I was happy to get in 80.8 miles – the most weekly mileage I’ve done in quite some time! This also included a race/run at the ranch on Sunday!! Let’s review and see how it all went down.

Monday- I taught a spin class Monday so I did a quick run after to cool it on down. Just getting the legs moving again after a weekend of back to back running. 4.25 miles done.

Tuesday AM- 10.13 miles with the *Rebel Runners* in the a.m. (yes we actually call ourselves that) I did a few 800s with them on the track and then the rest of this run on my own. Good stuff. It was crazy humid that day also a drizzled a bit. Felt like Florida kind of humidity! Sheesh.

Tuesday PM- 3.32 miles winding down from the busy work day. Sunset watching.

Wednesday AM- 7.03 miles back with the early morning crew. I tell ya I don’t know what I’d do without early run friends in the summer. Talk about motivation to get my hiney out of bed. I just love it.

Wednesday PM- Another social run with WRRC. We got a great view of the city on this quick out and back run. I got just over 4 more miles in on double run day.

Thursday AM- 7.32 miles on “Tempo Thursday” except my legs were toast so this was definitely an easier run. I was having to ease up a bit in order to get ready for another weekend of lots of running.

Thursday PM- 4.15 miles at lunch. Just hitting some numbers before rest day.

Friday- REST DAY. Oh glorious rest day my legs do love you so. And I got a massage on this day which was absolutely glorious.

Saturday- 13.3 miles with WRRC. Followed by a fabulous brunch by the pool. Yum yum and more yum.

Sunday- Running on the ranch!! This was the Stars Above Ranch run with the Dallas Dirt Runners. I chose to run the 6 hour loop. On a triple digit day in June in Texas. Torture myself much?!?! When it was all said and done I got in 27.36 miles And thousands of feet of climbing. Yep. Legs are very much done today. But it’s done. And I’ve got a KILLER tan like no other.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Are you looking forward to anything this week?
3 straight days off from work “staycation” with lots of pool time and fun involved. SOOO today is technically my Thursday! Hollaaaa holla.

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. I get excited for summer running as I manage to lighten my hair and darken my skin a bit while still getting my miles in:)

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