Discipline > Motivation.

So I was reading an article that talked about the importance of having discipline when it comes to running and workouts – and for some reason this really struck a nerve with me. How many times do you just wake up to get in an early morning run and just NOT FEEL MOTIVATED?! You know those days where you are really just not having it. Whether it be due to a stressful week or just whatever randomness is going on it would just be so much easier to mash that snooze button and roll right back over. I know I have days like that quite often. I also have days where I am super duper motivated. But when it boils down to it – discipline and the act of getting it in, wins over being “motivated” every single time. So…here are some ways to increase your discipline…when it comes to training and running.

Do it until it becomes a habit. This for me is especially true when it comes to morning runs. I have many people that ask me- how on earth do you just get up for these crazy early mornings and get it done?! Well…that is because I have been doing it now for years and years. It is not something that is just a whim or a feeling. It is a true HABIT for me. And when I don’t do it…my body knows it. Like clockwork. So, whatever time you run…be consistent with it. Do it until it becomes like breathing to you. Trust me it will pay off when it comes to race day.

Envision yourself finishing that run and feeling on top of the world. Every time I get up and am feeling like I already want to throw in the towel…I think about myself being very proud that I got it in and got it done. My everything right now…has been running in the mornings with my friends. Seriously having friends to run with in the summer has kept me so accountable and helps me stay disciplined. I just love it.

It isn’t always going to be pretty. Know that some days your legs will feel like lead, it will be blazing hot (especially if you are in the south I feel your pain)…humid, you will be sweating buckets. That is where your mental strength lies. When it sucks. When it’s not all “you crushed it” or “that was amazing”. Frankly it doesn’t always have to be amazing. Embrace the fact that it will suck sometimes. But, guess what? You got out there…and you did it. Despite your feelings.

Know that the secret is in merely SHOWING UP. Day to day. Feeling good or feeling crappy. Show up, meet up with your friends at the crack of dawn. Even if your friends are Pitbull and Rihanna on your music player (I’ve had those days too). That is half the battle. That’s where you will find your discipline.

What are some ways you stay disciplined as a runner?

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

25 thoughts on “Discipline > Motivation.

  1. Great Tips! I agree it all comes down to discipline. I will utilize these objectives when it comes to running more because I know I need to. Thank you!

  2. “Do it until it becomes a habit.” I guess this tip will prove to be the most helpful in my case. I have super motivated mornings for two weeks and snoozes for the rest of the month. Discipline is indeed the key.

  3. Awesome post! Definitely making a habit of it is crucial. Our minds crave routine; it’s just a little stubborn when there’s sweat involved haha.

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