The ABCs of Summer Marathon Training.

The title explains it all…

A- Acclimate to the summer temps. I know, this is much easier said than done. It does take time and consistency in order to really feel comfortable with the heat and humidity. Sooner or later you will be rocking those runs and pushing the pace a bit. Not to worry. Just stay at it it and try not to get too discouraged with how “slow you feel”

B- Bring a spibelt/flipbelt/pockets with zippers on them for the long run. You will definitely need this when it is time to refuel with your energy gels, salt tablets etc. I love to carry my Camelbak hydration pack in the summer because it has a ton of compartments where I stash my keys, fuel etc. Certainly comes in handy.

C- Carry water/electrolytes on super hot days. This should go without saying. Or…carry your credit card with you so you can stop at a convenience store and grab ice or cold beverage to fill ‘er up.

D- Don’t neglect summer skin care. My skin burns super easily so I’m obsessive about my sport sunscreen especially on my face. My skin is doing so much better with training than last year, simply because I’ve been more religious this year about it.

E- Ease up on the pace if you have to. Know that your body is getting used to running in the heat and it is going to feel harder because your body is having to work harder in these rough conditions. Every mile still counts and time on your feet definitely matters.

F- Forget comparing your training to other runners…Y’all…if I gave a flip about what so n so was doing on Strava or Garmin Connect I definitely would not be the ultrarunner that I am today. Drops the mic.

G- Get yourself some killer runner swag. I love my lightweight tank tops, shorts, moisture wicking socks in the summer. Oh yeah, and a good sports bra. Crucial to prevent boob chafe. It is so real, ladies.

H- Heat training can totally make you stronger! Those fall temps are going to feel oh so amazing, oh so soon.

I- Ice baths are not super essential in my opinion. If you have a good massage therapist, you know how to stretch after running, and you cross train and do all of the right things ice baths are not a priority. I think it is a fun thing to try though if you haven’t I’ll just say that. And by fun I mean torture.

J- Just make sure you get up early! I am a fan of beating the heat especially if you are running 18 plus miles. I know, you may have to forgo a happy hour or two but trust me it is worth getting it done and out of the way.

K- Kiss sleeping in goodbye on Saturdays! Or Sundays, whenever you like to do your big run.

L- Learn to love the track. This has been a long time coming for me but I’m slowly getting back into it and now really feel like my body is benefitting from some speed work.

M- Make the most of your recovery runs. They are on your schedule for a reason. So do them.

N- Nuun can be a great electrolyte replacement. There are so many great flavors too! And less sugar than Gatorade.

O- Optimize your routes. I try not to do the same routes over and over because I do get bored especially because I run so dang much. I always try to switch it up, even if it means starting from a different corner of the street. Ha.

P- Pickle juice can be a good tool when you need a little salt in your system. Definitely helps with cramps.

Q- Quit making excuses for your lack of commitment with your training schedule. Do the work. Reap the benefits when you have kick ass marathon times later.

R- Rest and recovery. I love me some active recovery. Fo sho.

S- Say YES to running at different times of the day! Lately I’ve been loving me some sunset runs. It’s nice to wind down from the work day.

T- Text your running friends and tell them you love them. Because they are amazing.

U- Understand that not every training schedule is perfect. Some days you may need to take a rest day and skip a workout. That does not mean overdosing on running the next day. You miss a beat, you pick back up on it the next day. Be patient with yourself and with your progress.

V- Vote YES for running groups! I cannot tell you how much (actually I think I can especially if you have been reading here a while you already know) I love my tribe. They’ve definitely kept me motivated when I just was not feeling it and they make the miles fly by so much faster.

W- Win over your running buds by bringing watermelon post run. Bonus points if it is super cold watermelon!! You will be the MVP for life.

X- X-tra guac in your Chipotle bowl after running 20 miles. Just kidding. I was trying to find something for X.

Y- You know your body well. Listen to it.

Z- Get your zzz’s! Man sleep is oh so crucial for all of this training. I would be a raging b*tch without it.

Add something to the summer marathon training ABCs if ya want!!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

28 thoughts on “The ABCs of Summer Marathon Training.

      1. I can’t describe how much I hate pickles. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t even eat anything that a pickle touched. Not even French fries. 😦

      1. Ha! I did take a sip of mesquite pickleback and it wasn’t bad. Note, I used the word sip and not chaser, because I’m too old to chase shots.

      2. You got that right. If I did not have my 14 mile run tomorrow, I would be at some bar’s happy hour. There are a only a few Summer Fridays left.

        Actually, I need to figure a route for tomorrow.

      3. I believe in you no matter how sarcastic my tone is. I’m an ultra runner so I just like to give you usual marathoners sh*t for no reason whatsoever 🙂

    1. Yep. For sure! It is worth trying to have your own opinion about it. I don’t personally feel like it gives me tons of benefits but others do. To each his own and so on and so forth etc.

  1. I’m a kind of beginner at running…I mean so far max I have done is 10k but I try and try everyday to get better. I loved reading the ABCs especially now as I face the summer heat.

  2. amazing post 🙂 especially about being patient with long slow runs and not comparing yourself to others. this is vital. i have my own race in less than 2 weeks so thanks for these tips!

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