Personal Running Pet Peeves.

So it is probably something not a lot of people talk about in the realm of running since the sport is really mostly a positive and encouraging one. But I am here to talk about it. Why? Because we can! Runner pet peeves…I am here for it. Allow me to give you a few of mine in no particular order. Of course, with gifs very much included. 

Oh, how I miss me some RHOA a la Phaedra.

Non-runners thinking a 5k is a marathon. Actually to me this is more funny than anything else. Come on people. Marathons are so common now. Really…26.2 miles is quite the feat but let’s be honest. A lot of people do it. So, you should know by now. Stop asking how many miles it is. Thanks.

Just people at random honking at you in their cars while you run. Same goes for cat calling. It’s just not cute. I just want to get through this last mile without you annoying the crap out of me with these noises. Peaceful. That is how I like it.

People that join run groups and leave their headphones in the entire social run. I wanna get to know ya, okay?! At least keep an earbud out so you can be safe. Don’t come to the social run and be anti-social. You won’t be invited to the cookout next time. 

Another FAQ by the non-runner- Doesn’t running BOTHER YOUR KNEES?! Actually, no it doesn’t. Sometimes other things but damn I’ve got some pretty strong knees. I must say. Thank you baby Jesus for that. 

People that stare you down as you pass them while running. I know, you wish you were running with me or something like that. Okay. Join me next time? I don’t bite. Usually. 

Runners that run a little too close to you when you are running together. Okay, bud. We are both super sweaty and your arm keeps rubbing up against mine and I kind of need some personal space?

Maybe you just like affection!? This is not the time for that. Let me have my runner bubble. 

What are some of your personal running pet peeves? 

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

25 thoughts on “Personal Running Pet Peeves.

  1. Haha! Good list. Hmm, I hate it when people cancel on running plans you’ve looked forward to all week. I hate it when people want to stop and take long breaks during a run, like going to their car to get fuel or water and taking a long time to do it. I carry all my stuff and if I have to stop , I don’t waste time. I hate running much slower than my normal pace UNLESS I am there specifically to train someone or pace them. It really feels uncomfortable and I’d rather do a run/walk than jog slowly. That’s why I mostly run alone I guess. But mostly I’m just glad to be running!

    1. I do not like flaky runners either 🙂 I am VERY blessed to have really consistent running buddies finally! During the week with my hectic schedule I really need that so I cherish it.

  2. 😂 had to laugh at a few. My personal running bubble is holy to me! I’ll leave the headphones at home and be social and all, but I really don’t like knocking sweaty elbows. 🙂

  3. People who don’t share the sidewalk or running space, especially groups of people who spread out all across the path rather than going single file!!!! Yup this one REALLY bothers me🤣

  4. I haven’t dealt with any starers while passing. I’m gonna start to look for them now.

    I’m not a fan of the sweaty arm rub either, but on race day it is ON. If you ain’t rubbin, you ain’t racin. 🙂

      1. mmm that reminds me of my trail run group, they did a Ricky Bobby theme for my hundo at one of the aid stations!! It was greatness. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  5. Word on the street says that Phaedra (with her lying a**) is joining the cast of Braxton Family Values.

    The 5K thing is yet another reason why the US needs to convert to the metric system . . . like the rest of the world.

    One of my running (or general existence) pet peeves (no pun) is people who do not know how to correctly walk dogs. For example, folks who allow their dog’s retractable leash to be fully extended so the owner is damn near 20 feet away from the dog. If you want your dog to have 20-30 feet of freedom from you, then take it to a dog park. When I had a dog in NYC, I liked using a traditional leash because I wanted that mf’er to be right up under me. “You ain’t going anywhere where I ain’t going.” Also, beagles (my dog’s breed) are notorious for ignoring commands once they find an interesting scent. Sorry for the rant. During my run yesterday, I saw a fellow runner take a nasty spill because he tripped over a retractable leash that took up the entire width of a sidewalk.

  6. There was another pet peeve, but I got distracted by the dog one. Oh the “one – upper” – that person who always has to outDO you.

    [You] I ran a 5K marathon last week. 😉
    [One upper] I ran a 10K marathon.
    [You] I’m planning to run a half-marathon
    [One upper]. Last year, I ran a half-marathon in a volcano and through LAVA!!!

  7. “People at random honking at you in their cars while you run” – this is my ABSOLUTE pet peeve! Not only is it creepy and gross, it also can be dangerous. There have been a few occasions where the sudden honking has really startled me and I have ran out into the middle of the road!

    Great post 🙂 x

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