Weekly Running Report.

Hello and happiest of Mondays to you! Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m here to recap some weekly miles with you! I was able to get in over 72 miles last week!! Let’s see how it all went down…

Monday- 7.35 miles total before and after teaching a class at the gym. It felt kinda good to do some night time running. I need to get some more evening miles in too leading up to my next ultra. The day is getting closer and closer!

Tuesday AM- 10.2 mies with some hill repeats thrown in then ending on the track. The weather last week was quite pleasant and it is finally getting to that time of year where running is feeling good and effortless and not as much insane Texas heat. I just love it. Gotta love fall temps. 

Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles in the evening…it was super dark out too. Dodging cars and trying to not get chased by stray dogs. Yep.

Wednesday AM- 6.65 early miles with some faster strides before the 9 to 5 followed by some Southern Pecan coffee. Heck yes. 

Wednesday PM- 4.06 miles. Actually I had to push double run day to LUNCHTIME because we had some random downpour rain in the evening forecast. Another one of those random Texas downpours in the middle of nowhere. It was still a bit of a rainy run but got it done. 

Thursday- 11.02 mile morning with fun friends and good convo. Love when that happens. 

Friday- 10.3 miles with a good buddy of mine. Friday runs are my new thing now. It kinda makes me look forward to the amazingness that is Friday when I can get a good early run in. 

Saturday- 20.11 miles with WRRC. It was a great run and the fastest 20 miler I’ve done in a little while so I felt good about that. Even on tired legs. I can’t wait till it gets even cooler so I can do some more super strong 20 milers. Love it. 

And later on that night I went to a concert of one of my fave R&B/soul artists. Maxwell –we were so close to the freaking stage it was incredible. Thanks to my date for getting us killer seats. 

Also had a great dinner…these beef tenderloin enchiladas with black beans and lemongrass rice. Heaven.

Sunday- REST DAY. And a much needed one at that. And I’ve already gone past the 300 mile mark for the month of October, which makes this ultrarunner girl very happy. 

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? Who ran the MARINE CORPS MARATHON?? If so, congrats! That’s one of my faves. 

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. When I run a measly 7 miles, I am STARVING the next day! As much as you run, you can eat whatever you want!! You are certainly burning off at least two meals/day!!! Running is the Best!

    1. HAHAHA Kelly you always crack me up. As someone that has lost a lot of weight and has kept it off for so many years, that is never anything that concerns me too much. But I hear you! It is nice to not be so restrictive with my diet but at the same time I do not go crazy. Hopefully that makes sense. Happy Friday!!

      1. It does make sense! Crazy for me would be eating 3 bowls of butternut squash soup with bread! I wouldn’t eat 1/2 a dozen doughnuts. Ha! Ha!

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