Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! I am super excited for the short work week and Thanksgiving holiday! But first I thought we would recap some miles from last week. I was able to get in a total of 81.3 miles. My ultra race is fast approaching! Let’s recap and see how it all went down.

Monday AM- 7.11 miles in the early AM. Just getting in some miles in the morning really does make a difference in my work day. Even though it has been tough to initially get going most Mondays but got it done.
Monday PM- 2.22 miles after teaching a class at gym. Cool down miles and double run day done.
Tuesday AM- 7.22 miles starting out on the track with my run group and finishing with hills. Gotta love to mix it up.
Tuesday PM- 3.02 miles running in the straight up darkness but loving practicing some night running. Gotta get used to running all times of the day for BB100.
Wednesday AM- 8.35 miles with one of my run buds at zero dark thirty starting and ending at the coffee shop. Java Me Up is kind of my favorite thing.
Wednesday PM- 3.21 miles at lunch time. Work has been so crazy lately so nice to take a break in the middle of the work day and then have my night free.
Thursday- 10.11 miles with a few hills thrown in for good measure. Another zero dark thirty run.
Friday- 18.05 miles! I have been enjoying doing my long running on Fridays lately. It’s always a fun way to start the end of the work week and actually does energize the morning although yes…I do crash by about 3 PM. It’s definitely a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.
Saturday- 22.02 miles wth my WRRC crew. Everyone has been training for winter races so it has been fun to get in lots of miles with them. Love this crew.

Sunday- Much needed rest day after back to back super long runs and double run days all week. I went to brunch with mama and we shared some ricotta & meatballs from Sassetta. Holy YUM.

And there you have it!

How was your weekend? How’s your training going?

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Running Report.

  1. Wow, so impressive! Can’t wait to read about the ultra. I just had what was my first week back to running post-marathon, so I kept it pretty light (longest run was 10 miles) but that was the plan. I’ll start training for my next marathon in a couple of months.

  2. Another solid week of high mileage for ya . I have started to think about trying my first, maybe next fall. Gotta get a solid mileage base up for sure

      1. Click on my ULTRA Run Love tab/page at the top of my site and you can find all of my race reviews & recaps there ranging from 50k to 100 miles. Also ultrarunning magazine online has some great articles and they post upcoming races etc as well as ultra signup. Happy training!!

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