5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Running Shoes.

Probably the most important thing to consider when doing any type of training for a marathon or similar endurance event is choosing the right pair of running shoes! Your RUN HAPPY shoe, so to speak (shout out to Brooks!) So we are here to discuss that. Here are a few ways you can pick your most perfect running shoe that will have you hitting that pavement or trail like it ain’t no thang…read on. 

Do NOT pick a shoe based on what your friend wears. I know, it is so EASY to just say because so n so has these fly shoes that are all flashy and all the rage that you must have them too. Quite the contrary. Everyone’s feet are different and the WAY folks run most importantly is usually different than the way you run. So go to a running shoe store and have them fit you properly. The running specialty stores have people there that are dedicated to see you happy in that shoe. Believe it. 

It helps to be able to do some TEST running. A lot of times the running shoe store will have a treadmill or a way you can test the shoe out. And a lot of times there are social runs at the store where they have shoe brands come and let you test out the shoe during the social run. Now that is my favorite. And a great way to check out the shoe before fully committing.

Consider what type of runner that you are. Do you LOVE running distance? Are you a speed junkie? There are different shoes for both. Do you prefer more support? More of a neutral shoe? Could you basically be a barefoot runner (I wish…I’m pretty close to this but I’m not enough of a hippie to go all in) 

If you are purchasing online, make sure you read the fine details. Look at the online reviews on the shoe. Look at the description and be sure it matches what you are looking for. Do your research and that will help you greatly. 

Have a few options at all times. I cycle through about 3 pairs of shoes at a time since I run so much mileage and that helps me to not be constantly buying shoes. It also helps your feet not get bored of the shoe. Yes, I think my feet actually have a personality and get bored from time to time. Ha. Always good to switch it up. 

What are some other factors in considering the perfect running shoe? 

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Running Shoes.

  1. I love when I see posts on facebook like “what shoe should I buy” and someone is like “Brooks Ghost!” and it’s like, well, it all depends. I always say go to a running store and definitely test them on a treadmill first! I am currently alternating two pairs of training shoes (and another for races) but I think I want to up it to three! I am using Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 & Saucony Guide ISO. I kind of like switching up the brands too!

  2. Fortunate to have the Zappos/6pm distribution center nearby. I used to be loyal to Asics Cumulus until an injury and was fitted with Brooks cushion. Now, I get all the Ghosts and Glycerins for the low low….$25-60.

    The only drawback is the colors are sometimes the least favorable.

      1. 👍🏾I like the new Ghosts how they have 2 shoelace holders instead of one on the tongue. Very nice feature I have not seen in other brands.

  3. I usually have 3 + , one running, one running hybrid for mountain runs ( live in Colorado ) one for lifting, the bottoms must be flat. Just went with a new Saucony for running and of corse my favorite cycling cleated shoes (they are purple, and the bomb).

  4. I know that Sierra Trading Post has some great prices, but I hate to buy shoes on line. One little extra gob of glue in the wrong spot could make your perfect shoe a disaster.

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