Weekly Running Report.

Happy Monday to ya! We are recapping some miles from last week! So far training for upcoming ultra races is going great. I am super excited to be returning to Hachie 50 in May! It will be my 5th 50 miler so I’m hoping to do some fast running out there. Plus, I am really ready for some springtime running! Enough of this winter weather stuff. Actually it is supposed to be quite warm today (!) so that’s a little bit of a spring teaser before the cold comes back. Gotta love that Texas up and down weather.

Let’s see how it all went down!

Monday- 10.21 miles on my random day off/long weekend. I actually had some college friends in town but we had a bit of down time in the morning before we did some wine tasting. Wish I could do that every Monday. HA.
Tuesday AM– 5.11 miles with a few tempo miles thrown in there. This was a seriously GREAT run. Nice confidence builder that I still have some speed in me even after doing all of these ultras.

Tuesday PM- 3.03 miles warming up before teaching a class at the gym. Waking up the legs from the work day.
Wednesday AM- 10.25 miles with my breakfast run club crew. Back to super early mornings.
Wednesday PM- 3.32 miles after the work day. Watching the sunset in the evening.
Thursday- 10.21 early miles, temps were starting to warm up towards the end of the week but still a little chilly and rainy in the mornings. I took the evening off from double run days since I had a big run the next day which worked out great.
Friday- 20.22 mile long run! As I told y’all I’m starting to really enjoy doing my long runs on Fridays! It gets it out of the way and then I’m not so exhausted on the weekends. I still run Saturdays though and have been doing some back to back long run stuff. I had a friend meet me towards the end of this run as she was starting her run since she works from home. So it was nice to have a buddy to help me get it all done.
Saturday- 16.02 miles with the WRRC crew. Again this was kind of drizzly foggy run but the legs felt good and I actually ran this one a bit faster than Friday’s run. Success.
Sunday- 4.22 relaxed miles in the morning to hit 80+ miles for the week. Done and done.

Oh plus I made buffalo cauliflower on Super Bowl Sunday! I am absolutely making this dish again. Perfect with the Frank’s Red Hot.

And there you have it!

How was your week last week? Did you get some strong runs in?!

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