Random Thoughts Thursday.

I am super excited because today IS MY FRI-YAY (I have some extra vacation time to burn) so tomorrow on my day off I plan on doing all of the running and all of the relaxing. A massage planned with my favorite therapist in the middle of the day is kind of the cherry on top.

Plus I need to get my nails done…hmm…will probably do that tomorrow too.

Even though it is a long weekend for me this weekend I actually don’t have a whole lot planned aside from the usual (running and brunching and friend and family time). And I kind of like it like that.

The sun has been shining here in Texas ALL WEEK LONG and temps are in the mid 70s just about everyday. Yaaas. My favorite weather is back plus the extra daylight in the evenings has been absolutely everything.

I do think we have a little bit of rain in the forecast for the weekend but should be good for a low key Saturday. Hey, maybe I will even read a book or something.

-Yeah, right. Actually I bought this book a LONG time ago and never read it. I love me some Andy Cohen and am obsessed with him in general but something about my A.D.D. will not let me relax and read a darn book before I start thinking about something else I need to be doing.

The (self diagnosed) a.d.d. is actually why I really enjoy going to the sauna in the mornings after my run. It kind of helps me turn my brain off and just….reeee-lax.

Another thing I’ve loved is not having so many after work commitments. Can I tell you I used to want to do ALL THE THINGS- like go to everyone’s happy hour, teach every class at the gym. And be at home every night at 8 or 9 pm. Just exhausted. I mean and I would just go right to sleep too from sheer exhaustion everyday. Usually with very little dinner or food to eat in my fridge. Well now that I’ve started focusing on ME more and having free time in the evenings– my life just feels more at peace. Thank you self care. And, I get more time to do my double run days and stuff. Watching the sunset and all that zen stuff. So, there’s that. Yay.

I am also going to cancel my Netflix before the week is over. See, I’m on a ‘get rid of the clutter’ kick. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used it. ALSO. I have free Hulu now along with my Spotify membership! Oh, happy day. Plus there’s just so much YouTube to watch!!! So much.

Tell me something random about your week this week!

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Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

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