Random Thoughts Thursday.

I know it seems like I am constantly talking about the weather lately but you guys I sincerely cannot help it. Temps are in the 70s every dang day. I cannot contain the amount of spring fever joy that I have right now.

So whenever I order my running shoes online (shoutout to Brooks) I always get them delivered to work and it feels like freaking Christmas time. My soul is just oh so happy. Does anyone else just get so giddy when they buy new running shoes?

I also get really happy when I can manage to get an early run in, shower at the gym and still am the first person in my little office suite to make it to work. The office in the morning without coworkers is oh so peaceful and I can check emails in blissful solitude.

Also my birthday run is fast approaching and I am trying to decide how I’m going to go about it this year. Run solo miles on the actual day (which is a Friday) or do the run with friends on a Saturday? I do have a few friends that want to do at least some of the miles with me. Hey I don’t expect everyone to do the whole 35. BUT…then the only child solo zen runner in me – wants the miles alllllll to myself…HMM. Decisions.

Also I love having 3 day weekends in the spring time. Especially when the weather is so glorious. Yes, I have another one coming up this weekend and I am going to a concert on Sunday so having Monday off will be the icing on the cake. I may even go get a spa pedicure. Ahhh yes.

I’ve just discovered a new favorite conditioner from Whole Foods and it is lavender and it is wonderful. Conditioner from a natural foods store? Hey, it is a thing. My new favorite thing. And it makes my curls seriously POP. See?? Wild, all natural and free.

Share some random thoughts with me for today!

Published by thedancingrunner

Marathon runner & group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness. Passionate about family, friends, traveling. Loves destination races. Loves dining out, cooking in, being around down to earth people, writing, sunrises.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Thursday.

  1. UGH this post made me happy! 35 miles is SO insane and happy upcoming bday!! You will not have to worry about me crashing any of your solo miles…so, you’re welcome 🙃

    My random thought today is that I am needing some BALANCE. Work has been taking over everything for far too long and it’s time to make some changes…

    Xo Charlene

    1. Aww thanks! & Girl…I hear ya! Work is a tad hectic for me this time of year so I am seeking peace and balance with those miles!! Cheers to getting more and more balance in!

  2. so insanely long. I will have to round down say by 10 for my birthday run or switch to metric. Mine will be the MCM 50K

  3. I kinda go crazy over a new pair of shoes coming too. Unfortunately, I went a little TOO crazy last year and now I have too many good shoes to run in. I won’t be buying any for a while.

  4. If our weather were that nice, I’d be talking about it all the time, too… not that I can complain. It’s pretty nice in England right now. And I’d try to find at least a few people to run within my BDay, but solo miles are great too… I thought about running my age this year, and then I was like “nah.” But when I see you’re doing 35, I’m like… “why am I being a wimp?” Very cool. 🙂 and the conditioner effects look great! And I bet it smells wonderful, too!

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